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A Cuckold is Seduced Ch. 03

by aaron

08/20/2016 03:34 in oral

This is the third part of the story that I had started some time ago. I had written it, but then I thought it was a bit surreal for me, so I just let it sit for a long time. Then, after reading Karenkay's brilliant "White Slaves of Eban" stories that she is currently publishing, I have changed my mi

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A Cuckold is Seduced Ch. 02

by Gilglim

08/02/2016 19:03 in domination

This is part two of a story involving cuckolding and male power exchange. Please read no further if this offends you. --------- I was on my knees, helping my wife Kelli attach her garter belt to her stockings. I leaned forward and planted on a kiss on her newly trimmed pussy. "Now, now," she said, "

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A Cuckold is Seduced

by aaron

07/16/2016 15:47 in interracial

This is the first installment in a story of about a black man who manipulates a white husband into granting his permission for the black man to pursue a sexual relationship with the white man's wife. The story also includes scenes of male power exchange. If this is not your sort of story, please mov

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