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Zoe's Perfect Marriage Ch. 01

by Gary

08/09/2016 22:05 in interracial

Zoe and her colleagues were crammed around a small table at the hotel bar. The week and been packed with meetings and sales pitches, and now the drinks were flowing freely. Everyone at the table was tipsy, but her boss was relentless in ordering more rounds. They had had a successful week. Zoe almos

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Our Perfect Family

by aaron

07/28/2016 13:10 in slut

Father fails to enforce limits with his horny teenage son and pays for it with his wife. (M-S Incest, Over-18, Cuckold) ***** Tina, my wife, was standing in the hallway when I got home from work, hands on hips and holding a pair of panties in one hand. "Look what I found in your son's bedroom this m

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