Cuckold stories

Playing with Fire

by Amanda

08/15/2016 18:26 in oral

I was a cuckold in the past and rehearsing my erotic anguish in the present was common. I was never cuckolded with my pleasure in mind, but in college I had a weakness for the wrong type of girl. My ability to fantasize the hard parts of my life was more like being trapped inside of an obsession. My

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Playing with Fire Pt. 02

by aaron

08/10/2016 01:10 in creampie

*****This is the 2nd part of this story about someone coming to terms with getting exactly what he wants***** ***** As I hung up the phone and sprang into action after an afternoon of degradation my skin tingled with a cold sweat. So many feelings poured over me I could hardly feel the water from th

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Playing with Fire Pt. 05

by aaron

07/21/2016 10:10 in creampie

***This is the final chapter of a man tortured by the things he created, and later deeply regrets his choices. It tries to describe the nature of his sexual obsession, and how it became fatal to a personal life. If you are not a fan of strong cuckold content this story is not for you. It has blackma

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Playing with Fire Pt. 03

by adventurer

07/18/2016 16:08 in slut

This is the 3rd part of the story that hinges on your knowledge of the 1st two stories. It is a story revolving around a want-to-be cuckold who loses control of his urges, and has minor bi activity for control elements. There is a level of blackmail to this story arc. If you are not a fan of any of

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Playing with Fire Pt. 04

by Amanda

07/05/2016 03:49 in submissive-husband

****This is the 4th installment of how a want- to- be cuckold transformed the people around him to force him through every deviant thought he ever held. If you aren't into cuckold stories with bi tendencies, or control/blackmail fetishes that aren't being governed under the rule of the law...please

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