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Doctor's Cure Ch. 04

by Gilglim

08/22/2016 21:35 in interracial

Dr. Fred James continued working at his desk while Mrs. Daisy Blanding slept. She had endured an expertly administered super-orgasming that hovered somewhere between forced and voluntary, and was taking a well earned rest in the doctor's office. Daisy awoke in no more than fifteen minutes, but the a

bracelet necklace doctor's cure

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Doctor's Cure Ch. 03

by Amanda

08/03/2016 06:19 in submissive-husband

Mrs. Blanding felt too embarrassed to take off her panties for Dr. James, even a professional who sees women naked every day. Shyness overcame her, and she covered herself with the examination gown. "I think that's good for now, doctor," Daisy told the doctor. "I'll try what you said first." "Very w

t shirt usa doctor's cure

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Doctor's Cure Ch. 02

by Gary

06/27/2016 12:41 in submissive-husband

Daisy's appointment with Dr. Frederick James was scheduled for the end of day. Apparently, Bill had convinced his wife to visit with Dr. James to see if he could help her problems with tension and stress, and Fred liked to meet with patients who had "special needs" when there were no other patients

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