Cuckold stories

A Creamy Fantasy Comes True

by Amanda

08/24/2016 09:43 in slut

** This is a true story - only the names have been changed to protect the naughty and the innocent ;) ** My fiance and I had been together for about 2 years when one evening, as we were lying in bed preparing to make love, the topic of our individual fantasies came up... *************** When I was 3

swingers club in nashville creamy fantasy comes true

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Garden Centre Ch. 05

by Amanda

08/24/2016 06:19 in submissive-husband

Excerpts from her diary 27/10 : he has texted me saying that he has found some plants for our garden. Wanted me to come to see them. I answered saying I was a bit busy. Has responded asking me to find even a short time to come. Says 'I also want to see you. Shall I come to your place this evening.'

jewellery making kits garden centre

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Chance Encounter

by Gary

08/24/2016 03:43 in creampie

This story contains details of wife sharing, so please don't read it if that is likely to bother you. * * * * * * * * When I was young airports seemed glamorous places and I usually enjoyed the whole experience. Perhaps it's the fact that I've just turned forty or maybe it's the increased security w

therapy by phone chance encounter

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'As if' Gerald

by Amanda

08/24/2016 00:20 in interracial

Author's note: This story does not contain a lot of sex. That said, it introduces some characters who want a lot of sex -- and might get some in future posts. Thanks to Ladego for his text editing and encourgement. Hoping for some feedback and reader interaction to get an idea about what you all wou

couples counseling austin 'as if' gerald

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My Birthday Treat

by adventurer

08/23/2016 21:32 in domination

My wife's name is Laura and she's in her fifties and blonde. She's also a very sensual and sexual woman. One night, while we were making love, I finally plucked up the courage and told her about my fantasy of watching her being fucked by a black man with a very big cock. She asked me what I found er

unfaithful dating site birthday treat

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Tantalus Ch. 03

by Amanda

08/23/2016 18:56 in creampie

Character Descriptions Eric Collins - Eric is a 38 year old man. He is six feet tall and a 180 lbs. He wears his hair professionally short; both his eyes and his hair are brown. Eric is a teacher at a high school, where he spends most of his weekdays. Him and Sharon have been together since they wer

wives date tantalus

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To Have and to Cuckold Pt. 02

by adventurer

08/23/2016 15:24 in slut

Brief Synopsis of Part 1: Josh's mind travels back to the past to when he met the alluring Naomi. He recounted the beginning of their unique relationship. She told him that she did not want a conventional boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, yet she wanted to spend time with him. She admitted that she

my wife is cheating have cuckold

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My Girlfriend's Sextape

by adventurer

08/23/2016 13:06 in domination

"See you tonight," I say and kiss my girlfriend goodbye. She's off to work in the café, and has just come by to drop some stuff off. We don't live together, but we have been seeing each other for four years, so we probably are soon. I take her backpack and watch her ass as she runs down the stairs w

buy mens clothes online girlfriend's sextape

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A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 11

by adventurer

08/23/2016 09:34 in creampie

Chapter 11: GETTING PAST SEX October 2007 Introduction If you're looking for a story with a lot of sex, this is not it. My wife, Sally, has been cuckolding me for nine and a half years now, and our own sex life has diminished as her relationship with her lover as grown. This is a description of the

jewelry silver cuckold's diary

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A Compromise Ch. 05

by aaron

08/23/2016 06:40 in interracial

I stared at the person in the mirror. I didn't look any different. Something should be different, I thought. This was a sea change in my life. In a single evening I had gone from faithful, one man wife to,… what? What was I expecting? The sky to fall? I don't really know. I just thought that a chang

gold plated jewellery compromise

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