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Wandering Eye: A Cheater's Story

by adventurer

08/10/2016 04:08 in interracial

Busty grad student Alexia and insurance salesman Brandon had been dating for two years when they realized that they each had a wandering eye. They opted to try an experiment: an open relationship with the following rules: 1) Each must tell the other about anyone they fuck, 2) Each must accept the other's choice of partners and encourage, not complain, and 3) If they didn't like it, then they could change the rules only after 100 days. Welcome to a story of unchallenged promiscuity.

Want to know how this arrangement got started? Here is the origin story of the endless fuckfest...

Note: "Wandering Eye" is the first installment of the Open Relationship series following Brandon and Alexia.


The second the door slammed shut, Alexia let her robe fall to the floor. Brandon could still see Josh walking away in the front yard, but his girlfriend was already down to her skimpy bra and panties.

"I want you to fuck me, baby." She undid his pants and took his cock into her hands.

"Babe, what has gotten into you?" he asked. "I'm just a little riled up is all," she said, slipping his head between her lips and rolling her tongue around its edge.

"Fuck... Alexia, I love when you do that."


Brandon shoved his cock in deeper and started pumping into her face. Alexia enjoyed the feeling of his warm cock thrusting down her throat, and swirled her tongue around it.


Brandon's cock dripped saliva down her chin and onto her breasts. Alexia licked her lips, tasting salt and feeling a rush through her shoulders.

"I need cock, baby, I need it now."

Alexia leaned her body against the doorway and led her man in closer. "My pussy is on fire," she whispered into his ear. She grasped his cock with two hands, pulling it towards her. She brushed aside the fabric of her bottoms and slid his cockhead against her dripping thighs.

"Fuck me already baby, please."

Brandon cupped a hand around her ass and slipped his erection inside her. Alexia shouted, "Unghhh!"

Brandon buckled his hips against her, thrusting his cock inside her as she writhed on the doorframe.

Through the window, he could see his friend Josh packing the rest of the boxes into the truck and starting to drive away.

"Alexia," the boyfriend said, positioning his cock as deep inside her as he could go, "Is the reason you're being such a slut right now because you were watching Josh lift those boxes?"

She didn't need to answer him: the second he said Josh's name, her cunt swelled around him and pulsed as her orgasm spread up through her stomach and arching back and exited through her lips with a wall shaking moan.

"Ohhhhh yes! yes!"

Brandon backed away, his cock still rock hard as he watched his girlfriend compose herself from her orgasm.

"Baby," she said, coming towards him and grabbing his wet cock between her fingers again, "Who cares where it came from, come back inside me and I'll make you cum as good as you made me."

Sensing his resistance, she stroked his cock faster until she knew she had him close to cumming. She leaned in closer, pressing her big tits against his chest, and let out a hot breath against his ear.

"I love you baby," she whispered, "But when a hot piece of meat like your buddy comes into our house, you know I just need to get fucked."

She had him on the edge now, stroking him harder. He was so close to cumming now that he couldn't be angry. He needed her hot tits against him and her expert hands milking his cock.

"Baby, it's alright for a girl to look sometimes, you know?" She danced her fingers around his balls, breathed hot into his neck.

"Did you see him when he took off his shirt? That body... he looks like a Norse god... Of course I needed someone to fuck me, baby, of course. And when he twisted his arm and I had to rub ice on his body, just the smell alone of his sweat had me feeling dizzy. But I waited for you, baby, I waited for you to fuck me instead of reaching into his jeans and pulling out that big dick I know he has-"

Brandon's cock twitched in her fingers, pulsing, shooting cum down her thighs and making his legs tremble awkwardly as she milked every drop out onto her body.

"There we go baby, there we go." The two of them sat down onto the couch, still half naked and sticky all over.

"Are you mad at me baby?" Alexia undid her top and let her big titties hang free, something she knew would entrance her boyfriend.

Brandon stared at his beautiful slippery girlfriend, and then shook his head. "No baby, I'm not."

"Phew, thank you Brandon, I knew you were reasonable. It's just that since we are moving away to Boston in a week anyway, I figured it wouldn't be so bad to act a little naughty. You know, I've thought Josh was pretty sexy for a while now."

"No shit," Brandon answered, "You know you're not very subtle when you have a crush on my friends. You fucked me like this right after we went to the beach with him too."

Alexia slithered onto his lap, planting her fat ass onto his dick. "Aw baby, it's not like I'd ever go behind your back, you know it's you I love." Brandon's cock was swelling as it dug into Alexia's thick behind.

Alexia could feel her boyfriend's dick growing.

"Besides," she said, "It's not like you don't have a crush on other women."

Brandon froze, knowing that either answer would be a trap. Alexia sighed. "I'm not trying to trick you, come out with it. You know I saw you checking out Carrie's ass when I came to your company's picnic."

His cock grew to full stiffness beneath the weight of Alexia's body. Even a mention of Carrie's ass was enough to get the blood flowing.

"That's what I thought," she said, chuckling. "I'm not mad, baby, you won't see Carrie after a week just like I won't see Josh."

Alexia slid down his body, getting on her knees between her legs and holding his erection between her breasts.

Brandon was done talking. He stood up, shoving Alexia to the ground and spinning around so that all he could see of her was her fat ass, waggling in the air. Truthfully, he was thinking of Carrie as he plowed his cock deeper into her white pussy...

At work the next day, Brandon passed by Carrie's office.

"It's your last week with the company, right?" she asked him. He nodded. "Yeah, I'm moving with my girlfriend to Boston. She's going back to school and I got a job with another insurance company."

"Aw, well, I'll miss having you around the office, Brandon. You're the only one here who isn't like, an old geezer."

No shit, Brandon thought to himself, this whole place is old pervs and you, the young fucklet they they hired for eye candy. Shit she looked good in her tight black dress. Brandon could see her hard nipples poking through her coverup. Then he remembered what Alexia had said about how it was okay for him to have a few small crushes...

"We should get a goodbye drink on Friday," he suggested. She shot him a sexy smile. "Of course, but you're buying!"

"Let me put it in my calendar," she suggested, bending over her desk to reach into her purse.

Brandon's eyes went wide. The black cotton dress she was wearing lifted slowly as she bent, revealing first the sexy tops of her stockings, then the perfectly white bottoms of her delicious ass. He was rock hard now and he wanted nothing more than whip out his cock and bang this slut against her office desk.

"There we go," she said, spinning back and around and entering it into her phone.

All the sexual energy Brandon had a moment ago slipped away now that she was facing him. His cock went limp. With girls like Carrie, he was always more an awkward nerd than the studly playboy.

"Yeah, I'll see you then," he said, turning to leave.

"Byeeeee," she cooed as he turned into the hallway. God, even her voice was sexy.

Even though her boyfriend had fucked her three times the day before, Alexia's pussy was calling out to her when she woke up in bed. Brandon had left for work and the image of Josh's rock hard pecs was still in her mind. They had packed up most of their things and sent it or gave it away, but Alexia still had one of her favorite toys in her nightstand.

Sitting on the arm chair of the chaise, Alexia inserted the head of the dildo into her mouth. Sure the thing was sized like a joke, but it was no joke once Alexia got it inside her body. She savored every inch of her massive toy. Next to a cock like Pinkie, how was her boyfriend supposed to compare? And next to images of Josh, well, she already had some ideas of how Brandon compared on that front...

Before she could skewer herself on the lengthy prod, she needed to get it lubricated. There was no better way than to suck it down inch by inch. Unlike most women, Alexia loved giving head. Back when she was an undergrad, guys could make her cum by shoving their cock far enough down her throat. The feeling of a girthy solid mass sent shivers to her groin and made her body shake all over.

As she inserted the toy her throat, she imagined it was Josh's cock, impossibly long, like some sort of centaur. In her private fantasies, she felt no guilt about imagining other men. She loved her boyfriend, deeply and truly, but this wasn't about love, it was about hot mouthwatering sex.

When she reached the base, Alexia was dizzy: half choking, half teetering on the edge of an orgasm. She pulled it out of her esophagus, dripping wet with saliva and ready for her cunt.

She held the cock an inch from her opening and let it drip her slobber onto the floor. She loved this moment of anticipation before the cock would plunge her insides and send her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

For this moment, she thought about her boyfriend and his little crush on Carrie. Fuck, she thought, why should I stand in the way of that? I love the guy, why should I care if he does something with another woman? It's not like that would change the way I feel about him, or vice versa.

Implicit here, of course, was the specter of Josh, with his toned muscles and thick masculine pheromones. She saw her boyfriend, willingly surrender her to him, finding her legs spread open eager and excited for that thick, long, piece of dick-

She plunged it inside of her and immediately her body trembled and gushed. She shoved it compulsively into her deeper, letting it push through each wave of feeling and send her onto a deeper tier of flowing, cumming, pleasure...

"Alexia?" Brandon called as he came home after work.

"Come into the bedroom," she called, and Brandon felt his cock twitch. After all the teasing with Carrie that day, he wanted to fuck.

He found his girlfriend completely nude, wrapped in a velvet blanket with a ring of flowers around her head. Fuck, I love this woman, he thought, yanking his pants off. He had never met anyone who could sexually anticipate him with the smallest and hottest details like Alexia.

Of course, Alexia had impaled herself for the last six hours on a cock at least three times the size of any man of Earth. She wasn't exactly racing to get in bed with Brandon's average pecker. She just wanted him hard, straining to cum in her hands, and then she could talk her way through anything.

Like a horny dog, Brandon rushed to his girlfriend, rubbing his cock against her leg and almost drooling down his chin. She sat him down on the bed and pressed his face between her breasts, squeezing him between them until he was gasping for air.

"Do you like my titties, baby?"

"Yes, Alexia, yes."

"Good," she said, pressing him back towards her and smothering him again.

She brought him up for air. "Are you ready to fuck me?" she asked him and he nodded enthusiastically.

Leaning back, she spread open her legs and showed him her cunt. Despite her day, she was still wet and ready for a man to enter her, and Brandon could smell it on her.

"Fuck me good, baby," she said and he pounced on her. After a few pumps of his cock, she could tell he was ready to blow so she withdrew.

He grunted, "Baby please I'm so close."

She ran her index finger down the length of his shaft, watching it twitch and strain at her gentle touch.

"How was work," she asked him, cupping his balls with one hand and slowly jerking his cock with the other, "Did you see your little crush?"

Brandon gulped, completely turned on by the way his sexy girlfriend spoke about Carrie.

"I did," he answered, "We're getting drinks this weekend."

"Oh you have a date?" she said, smiling, "That's very cute. Hoping to score?"

"No way, baby, you know you're the only one for me."

"Brandon," she said, stroking him faster, "You don't have to say that." She pulled her hand off of his cock and sat up in bed.

"I love you," she told him, sincerely, "And I would love you just as much if you fucked every other woman on the Earth."

She leaned forward and ran her tongue along his cockhead, sending him into a new place of pleasure.

"And I would love you," he said, watching her take more of his cock down her throat, "Even if you fucked every guy on Earth."

She sucked her lips tights around his dick and slowly ran it back up the length of his cock, until she popped off the dick and let out a grin.

"Then why don't we do it?" She stood up now, her tits jiggling with her enthusiasm, "Why don't we fuck everyone we want to fuck, even if we are in love?"

As she expected, Brandon erupted in orgasm, shooting a hot load of cum on her stomach to drip down her belly and thighs. She lurched forwards, taking his spasming cock into her mouth and swallowing the remainder of his warm load.

"Yeah," he said, watching her wipe his cum of her chin, "I'm alright with that. Let's do it."

On Friday, Carrie took Brandon home with her after work for a drink there before they hit the bar. She was wearing a tight green dress that seemed made for her shapely ass. Brandon and the other senior managers had been salivating at work all day.

"Whiskey or vodka?" she asked him, and he picked the whiskey.

Alexia was at home with a glass of wine, waiting for him to come home and tell her all about tearing open Carrie. For his first tryst, Brandon was nervous, but the whiskey helped.

She sipped hers and asked him about his new job. He told her the details he knew, watching as each drop of whiskey helped lubricate her and turn her from formal to playful.

"Now that you're leaving," she started, "I have to ask the good gossip. Did you ever fuck anyone in the office?"

Brandon chortled. "Who would I be fucking? Mildred? I admit she's got big knockers but she's like fifty." Carrie laughed.

"What about you?" Brandon asked, "Any office romances?"

"More than I can count," she admitted, laughing.

"Are you serious? Who?"

"I guess they're not romances," she said, "But some of them were fun. Let's just say that in my time at this company, I got really good at licking old balls."

"Come on you have to give me more than that."

"Most of the partners. There was a monthly board meeting that they would invite me to sometimes, at their country club. I was 'the entertainment.' It usually just meant sitting around while they discussed finances and then letting a bunch of them fuck me."

"Damn, Carrie."

"It wasn't so bad. It's not like I didn't get off a few times in there. There are some real silver foxes in the leadership. Guys I'm happy to let bust a nut on my face. And for the others, well, the fat bonus check each Christmas is nice, haha."

"Isn't that illegal?" Brandon asked.

Carrie laughed. "It's not if it's consensual. And I don't mind being a sex object for other people."

Brandon felt his whiskey courage. "So if I said that I thought you had the juiciest, most fuckable ass, you wouldn't hesitate to show me?"

Carrie's bracelets jangled as she lifted up her green dress, exposing her flowery thong and looking over her shoulder at him.

"There you go," she said, "Soak it in."

Brandon salivated like he was staring at a piece of prime rib. Drunk, he got on his knees and crawled towards her, planting his nose between her cheeks and sniffing deeply.

"Slow down there, partner," Carrie laughed at him, "Let me get comfortable before you start treating me like a meal."

He looked up at her, drooling. That was the perfect way to describe it: he wanted to tear into her like a well prepared steak.

She shimmied out of her dress, letting her tight tits bounce in her flower bra. Carrie was downright adorable with her tight body and soft rosy skin, but her plump bubble butt made him hungry.

He lay down on the bed and Carrie undid her panties. He took them between his fingers, sniffing them and moaning as she took off her bra.

"Sit there," she instructed, "And eat my ass like it's a fucking four course meal."

She smothered his face in her rump, dripping juices from her pussy that coated his chin. He alternated licking the perfect center of her ass and chowing down on her tight gyrating pussy.

"I haven't been eaten like this in so long," Carried moaned, burying him deeper into her gaping ass and pussy. "Sometimes what a girl needs is a guy who can really take the time like this to-"

Like a faucet pipe burst, Carrie ejaculated pussy juice in a torrent of fluid, simultaneously screaming excruciatingly, relishing the pleasure as she slid down Brandon's nose and chin.

"If you're going to fuck me," she said, standing off him and leaving a puddle of wetness on the sheets and on the floor, "Then fuck me."

Brandon wiped his face with a pillow and released his cock from his trousers, throwing everything across the room. Carrie was heaving from her last orgasm, sweating and gasping for air.

"How do you want to fuck?" she asked him, "Do you want me on top? Or do you want to bend me over and plow me from behind like a-"

He had already picked: he spun her by her robust hips and thrust his cock closer towards her snatch, but, but, but

"Are you fucking cumming?" Carrie asked, turning around as she felt a splash of hot liquid hitting her behind, "You didn't even stick it inside!"

She watched his cock go limp as it dripped ejaculate onto her duvet.

"Maybe we should skip the drink," she said, embarrassed for him. "Good luck in Boston."

Brandon drove home silently. He opened the door to his apartment.

"Honey?" he called out.

"Brandon?" Alexia poked her head out of the kitchen. "What are you doing back?"

His girlfriend was dressed in a delicious flesh colored bra with matching hosiery. She looked like a goddess plucked from a sex fantasy. Instinctively, he ran to his woman and dug his face into her chest, and she squeezed him close to her.'

"There, there," she comforted, patting his head, "What's wrong?"

And he told her about his embarrassing episode with Carrie.

Her cleavage smelled fresh and clean, like the expensive lotion she had asked him not use to jack off.

"Maybe this open relationship wasn't such a good idea," he admitted, enjoying her warm body pressed against his.

"Oh baby," she said, sighing, "I wish you would have told me that a little earlier. I sent a text to Josh just a second before you walked in. He's on his way now."

"What? What did you send him?" Brandon asked. She showed him her phone.

It was a picture of her bare tits, exposed and perky. "If I don't get your big cock between my breasts in the next thirty minutes," the message said, "Then I am going to explode."

"Omw" was all Josh responded. She took back her phone.

"You have to tell him not to come," he pleaded, "This was a mistake."

"Baby, don't say that. When we get to Boston, you'll have plenty more pussy to fuck. Just because you got, um, a little too excited with Carrie doesn't mean it's a bad idea."

With his head between her breasts, she pulled down her bra, squeezing him more deeply.

"You need to get into the bathroom," she said, "If Josh thinks that you're here, it will be weird."
She shuffled him through the bedroom, tits swaying from side to side.

"Babe, please don't do this." She folded her arms and frowned.

"I'm serious now," she responded, "This isn't something you can take back. He's already on his way. When he gets here, he's going to be hard and ready for pussy. I can't just not fuck him."

She put her bra back on as she prepared to close him in the bathroom.

"Don't you dare make a sound. Take a dump, read a magazine, play some phone games. I'll call you back in when he's gone. And if he finds out you're in here," she warned, looking at him sternly, "Then when we get to Boston I'll tell all my sorority sisters not to sleep with you. Understood?"

Brandon breathed and nodded. He realized he was being dramatic. He remembered, even still, he had tasted and nutted over Carrie's ass. This was Alexia's turn. And if he waited, he could have her hot sorority sisters in a week...


"Not a word!" she reminded him, and shut him up in the bathroom.

He could hear her muffled enthusiastic voice as she greeted his friend at the door. God, she had looked hot in those tights. He realized now how dolled up she had gotten to meet his friend. Through the door, he heard Josh's deep voice say something which caused Alexia to erupt in a sexy girlish laugh.

Fuck, he thought, I wonder if he's got his hands all over her tits. He searched the door knob for a keyhole and the side of the door for a crack he could look through. Nothing. Finally, he realized if he pressed his whole body against the bathroom tile, it nearly froze his face off but he could see a sliver of his girlfriend's jiggling thighs reflected in a mirror.

She laughed again, making the only bit Brandon could see quiver.

As the two moved away from the door, Brandon had to shuffle his body against the tile to change his line of vision. He could hear rough outlines of what they were saying, and he could sure smell the hypnotic lotion she had smeared all over her skin, but those senses just made him crave a sight even more.

He saw Josh's trousers fall to the floor where his girlfriend was on her knees. Alexia unmistakably gasped. With his place on the floor, only the sounds alerted Brandon that his girlfriend was taking inches of the white cock into her throat.


The noises sped up as Alexi sucked and pumped his cock. Globs of her saliva dripped onto the floor.

Brandon was getting hard. He wanted to reach into his pants and stroke, but he couldn't do it while stretching to look under the door.

Instead, he sat up with his back against the bedroom, grabbed Alexia's expensive lotion off the vanity, slathered a bunch over his cock, and stroked in tempo as his friend explored his girlfriend's esophagus.

There was a loud POP as the member exited her lips; Brandon spun back down to the floor in time to see saliva and precum shower the ground around Josh's pants.

Brandon's hard cock pulsed as he tried to see more. As the two rolled around on the bed, Brandon caught a sight of Alexia's tight pussy dripping, Josh's hairy balls swinging, and then just for a moment the tip of his friend's hard penis as it approached the eager snatch, which out of sight it must have penetrated as Alexia moaned, echoing around the whole apartment.

Unable to see more, Brandon returned to his cock, stroking for nearly forty minutes as his buddy poked, prodded, and plowed Alexia inside out.

At last, Brandon ached to cum but Josh beat him to it. It was a low, deep moan as Alexia got back down on her knees presumably to take as much of his load down her throat or over her tan breasts. Brandon listened to the splatters and gulps.

The noises were muted and residual now, and Brandon was caught up in fantasy. He was stroking it harder, not to Alexia out the door, but to his mind's eye of Alexia, topless with sperm covered titties.

"What the fuck is that?" Josh called out to the thumping in the bathroom. "Nothing!" she answered, sternly, and Brandon panicked, stuffing his cock back into his pants and rushing to hide behind the shower curtain should someone come in.

Instead, he waited there needlessly for twenty minutes, before Alexia alone answered him, sweaty and nude with just a smile and her jewelry.

"You're a fucking moron," she called to him, "He could totally hear you. If you think you're getting with my sisters next week forget it. But baby, that fuck was so good. Thank you, come here, I love you!"

And she stroked him onto her tits, just like he had been imagining, and she was happy and he was happy and they went to sleep peacefully.

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