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I Chauffeured My Wife and Her Lover

by Amanda

08/13/2016 12:51 in slut

From the dark corner of the bar, I watched as my wife, Sarah, was chatted up by a strange man. They sat close together in the booth, and Sarah was clearly enjoying his attentions, laughing at his jokes, and frequently putting her hand on his when she did so. Once every few minutes or so, she shot a glance in my direction.

I was wired tight with nervous tension as I observed this man clearly scoring with my wife. I could tell from their positions and postures that they touched under the table. Maybe just hand on leg. Maybe more. I felt excited but I couldn't tell if it was with anticipation, regret, or both. How far would she take this? How far would I let her?

She glanced over at me, drinking from her gin and tonic (which she held with her left hand despite being right-handed - what was she doing with her right hand under that table?). I could tell she was trying to communicate something to me with that look. She downed her drink and suddenly got up from the table and started towards the dance floor, and he followed right behind her, grabbing her hand. Once on the floor, he danced against her from behind, with his arms on her hips as they gyrated together to the beat. She let her head fall back against his chest and reached her hands above her head to interlace her fingers behind his neck, so that her body was stretched out and available as his hands slid up from her hips, to the sides of her belly, the edges of her breasts.

I was consumed with burning jealousy. I had an aching hard-on.

The plan for this little adventure had been a couple of months in the making. The seed of it was a major crisis in our marriage that had very nearly ended in our divorce. I had found incriminating texts on her phone. She had been secretly texting, and meeting, another man. She denied that it was anything sexual, but agreed that it was a betrayal, and begged forgiveness. I wasn't sure I believed that it hadn't gotten sexual (why else does a married woman secretly meet another man?), and anyway it didn't matter - she had betrayed my trust in a way I wasn't sure I could ever forgive. Also, I knew that if I hadn't found out and confronted her, it would have eventually become a sexual affair. If it hadn't already.

After I suffered about a week of painful contemplation about what she had done, and about whether or not I should leave, I found a note under my pillow. It was from her, and in it she detailed all of her favorite moments with me. It was touching and thoughtful, and it was enough, along with my desire to stay together for our children's sake, to make me decide to give it another try. Things would have to change, though. Especially the sex.

Our sex life, as is common, had gradually cooled over the years of marriage, to the point where it was almost totally extinguished. Our lives hadn't turned out how we thought. When we married, I was doing postgraduate work in comparative literature. Now I was working as a taxi driver. It was a little humiliating. We felt more like roommates than lovers. If our marriage was going to work, this was going to have to change. I sent the kids to their grandparents' for a few days, and told Sarah that we were going to fuck like mad and that would tell us whether or not we'd be able to go on.

It was the best sex we'd ever had. We tried positions we'd never tried, and exchanged frank, filthy talk that was uncharacteristic of both of us. Having nothing to lose, we exposed ourselves totally to each other. Her betrayal had shaken me out of my illusions about her. I had previously thought of her as totally innocent and virtuous - she had been a virgin before we were married. Now I saw her as a real flesh and blood woman with all the needs of a woman. Like the need for a good, hot fuck every now and then. I even began to pity her for only ever having had one lover her whole life (we married when she was just twenty one).

In this atmosphere of unrestrained lust and honesty, I admitted that, as angry and hurt as I was by her betrayal, I was also very turned on by the thought of her wanting another man so badly that she would risk everything to satisfy that lust. The inevitable visions and images that must come to the mind of every cuckold had come to me: I imagined her sucking him off, them 69ing each other, him fucking her in various positions, and her moaning in ecstasy, begging him to fuck her harder, grabbing his ass to force his cock yet further inside her. These visions made me burn with anger and hurt, and also made me hard as iron and dripping with precum.

Finally I admitted to her, and to myself, my most hidden fantasy: I wanted to watch her fuck another man. She seemed genuinely shocked. She insisted that she had no desire to fuck another man, but I thought it likely that she was playing it safe, fearing a trap as we tried to navigate the crisis of her betrayal. After all, if she had no desire to fuck another man, we wouldn't have been in that situation.. She encouraged me to tell her everything about my fantasy, and while she tried not to seem to excited by this revelation, when I touched her pussy after I told her all about it, she was sopping wet. She was as turned on as I was.

For a while, just the two of us fantasizing and talking about hypothetical scenarios was enough to lead us to the hottest sex we'd ever had. But the more I got off on the thought of it, the more I wanted to actually try it. I got the sense that, though she denied it, she felt the same way. On the other hand, we both wanted to do this in baby steps rather than dive in from a bedroom fantasy to a full-on cuckolding experience. That's when the plan began to form.

Owning a taxi meant that I owned the perfect space where she could experiment with flirtation and the first stages of sexual intimacy with a stranger in a private space with me present to protect her, and, of course, to watch. She and a stranger could, hypothetically, get in my cab and, while I drove, do... well, we'd see. We agreed that the absolute limit of this experiment would be oral sex - but we both agreed it was unlikely that we would both let it go that far. Just a little kissing and groping would be plenty hot. We worked out signals to let each other know that we were uncomfortable, and that things needed to be slowed down or stopped. The encounter would be totally supervised and in our control.

It seemed an eternity that they had danced, grinded, and groped. I was sure my underwear were soaked in precum, and my mind was torn. Finally, after a subtle but unmistakable exploration of his crotch with one hand, she swivelled around, and planted her now lust-swollen lips on his, and I could see her shove her tongue in his mouth. She leaned up on tiptoe to speak a few words in his ear, and then watched his face for his reaction. He smiled and nodded slowly but emphatically, while he held her hips tight against his and stroked her ass. She kissed him again, and then strode briskly toward the bathroom. On the way there, she rubbed her left earlobe: my sign to get into position.

I downed my beer and pushed through the crowd (uncomfortably with my formidable hard-on) to the exit. In order to calm my whirling mind, I tried to focus on the task at hand. Get to the cab, drive it into position - left of the entrance to the club a little bit, so I could drive up when they got out. Then they'd get in. What then? Jesus. I had had enough already with Sarah's display on the dance floor with the stranger. I just wanted to bring her home and fuck her brains out. So what would I do? I could give her one of our prearranged signals as soon as they got in the car: we agreed that: if I wanted her to stop what she was doing, or was about to do, and reign it in a little, I would changed the radio station. Then she could continue making out with him, but with the limits established by my "radio signal". On the other hand, if I wanted it to end entirely, I would covertly send her a text. She'd get the text and say her husband was home and needed her right away, and that would be it. By the time I got to the car, I had decided I was going to send her the text right away. I got in the car, and took out my phone. Just as I was about to send the text, I saw them exit the club. He had his arm around her waist and was kissing her neck. She was scanning the parking lot for me. When she found me, she gave me a conspiratorial look and very happy smile.

Fuck. I couldn't just cancel it now. I started this - to put her in this position and then stop it cold would be cruel - the worst kind of tease. And it would be weak. Fuck it. I had to be strong and let her have a little more fun. It's not like I wasn't turned on. I adjusted my cock into the least uncomfortable position I could manage, started up the car, and drove up.

He opened the door for her and she got in, risking a quick, affectionate stroke of my arm with her hand, and a whispered "Love you," before he followed her in.

"Where to?" I asked.

She gave the address we agreed on - a place somewhere out in the sticks, about a half-hour's drive away, and then he was all over her, kissing her lips, ear and neck as his hands roamed all over her body. She sighed contentedly, checking to see if I was okay by my look in the rear-view mirror. I started the engine.

On the road, things only heated up, and I saw her lower her hand to the substantial bulge in his crotch. I tilted the mirror for a better view. He let out a restrained sigh as she began rubbing him, and then he put his hand on her knee and caressed it, subtly moving his caress up her thigh. As her skirt began to move up her leg with his caressing, she moaned and shoved her tongue in his mouth, rubbing more vigorously on his crotch.

It was hard to keep my eyes on the road. She had positioned herself and him in the center of the seat so I had the best possible view. When his hand had made its way just to edge of her pussy she put her hand on it suddenly and broke the kiss. She looked at me in the rear-view mirror, and I could tell she was giving me a chance to stop it, and I could tell she hoped like hell I wouldn't. I debated: I wanted to stop it, I was going mad with jealousy; on the other hand, I was unimaginably turned on. Also, she was giving me this chance out of pity. I didn't want to seem to need her pity.

I nodded.

She sat back and put her left hand on his crotch this time so that she could offer more of her body to him and relax as he enjoyed her. As she rubbed his bulge, his hand resumed his progress, this time slipping underneath her skirt to what I knew was her pantiless pussy. She breathed heavily for a few minutes as his hand worked away on her pussy.

Suddenly she sat up, pushed his hand away and kissed him on the mouth for a moment before reaching down to his pants with her right hand and undoing just the top button before again looking me in the eye through the rear view mirror.

Fuck this, I thought. She's had her fun. We'd gone far enough for our first time. I didn't think I'd be able to handle watching her blow this guy as I drove their cab. Let him finger her to climax, then I'd send the text, we'd drop him off somewhere, and Sarah could give ME that blow job. Just as I was about to reach for the radio to give the signal, he spoke.

"What are you worried about? Him? He doesn't mind, do you driver?"

Both their eyes on me now.

I turned to look back at them, face to face. Sarah was rubbing his crotch, looking at me with... . What? Was that a look of curiosity? Challenge? Conspiracy? Contempt? Who was this woman?

"No, I don't think he does," she said, breaking into a cryptic smile. "Not as long as we let him watch."

And with that, she undid his fly, pulled down his underwear, and watched my face as she revealed the top half or so of the man's cock.

She must have known how huge it was before she had decided to choose him for this little adventure. It made sense - if she was getting maybe only one opportunity to play with another man's cock, why not go big? Why not go fucking huge?

I shot a quick glance at the road to avoid driving into the ditch or oncoming traffic, and watched as she caressed his cock for a moment, gazing at it - longingly, it seemed.

"Take them down," she said, and obediently and promptly pulled his pants down to his ankles. He spread his legs and with one hand she caressed his balls while with the other hand she slowly stroked the full length of his impressive cock, all the while staring at my eyes in the mirror with that cryptic, but undoubtedly horny expression on her face.

Then, tucking her hair behind her ear so that my view would be unobstructed, she lowered her face to his crotch and wrapped her lips around his knob and ran her mouth up and down his cock with still stroking and caressing with her hands.

Why was I letting this happen? I was fascinated and so confused that I couldn't even remember deciding to let her suck him off.

The man moaned, this time unrestrainedly. After a while of enjoying my wife's mouth and hands on his cock, he started to unbutton her blouse. She took a brief break from sucking and jerking him off to let him remove the blouse and her bra, and then she went back to her now very greedy, eager work on his cock and balls, while he now rubbed her bare torso and breasts.

"Oh, fuck, baby, you are so fucking hot," he groaned at her, clearly now in total lustful ecstasy as she worked away.

They kept at this for several minutes, during which I had to fight every second not to give her the signal to stop. She was obviously enjoying it, and I needed to show her I was strong enough to take it. Suddenly, he grabbed her by the shoulders and lifted her up into a seated position again.

"Your turn," he said, as he pulled her left leg up beside him so that he was between her legs, and pushed her down into a reclined position. The site of this guy with a raging hard-on, glistening with Sarah's spit, hovering over my wife, who was now naked except for a skirt that was yanked up around her waist, exposing her pussy (labia gaping wide open with hungry lust), was way more than I could handle. I was about to loose my temper and blow my load at the same time.

I changed the channel on the radio: the signal to stop.

He wrapped his arms around her legs and kissed his way down her inner thigh towards her pussy.

I turned the radio up and changed the channel again. Hadn't she heard?

She sighed with obvious frustration (and maybe - annoyance?), and stopped his approach by putting her hand on his forehead, stopping him an inch from her pussy.

"Sorry," she said, breathlessly, not managing to hide her own disappointment. Or not caring to.

"What?" He looked up from my wife's labia in confusion. "What is it?"

Sarah's face was behind my seat, so I couldn't see it, but I sensed she gave him some kind of sign.

"What him?" he asked, nodding towards me. "He doesn't care - he's enjoying this! Aren't you buddy? I would be."

Sarah actually giggled.

"No," she said, beginning to rise up to a sitting position. "I don't think he is."

He put a hand on her chest, and pushed her back down. She stayed there.

"You're imagining things," he said to her. "Tell her, buddy," he said to me, looking at my eyes in the mirror. "You don't mind, do you?" he said with a conspiratorial laugh.

I didn't know how to respond. I looked at the road for moment and then back at him.

"Do we have a problem here, pal?" he asked, his eyes now fixed on me, leaning forward.

I hesitated a moment. What could I say?

"No problem."

He seemed to loosen with relief.

"There, you see? He doesn't mind - he's enjoying himself," he said as he began to lower his head towards her pussy again.

Sarah put her hand on his forehead again to stop him.

He froze for a moment, and I was afraid of what he might do. He was much bigger than me, and obviously the aggressive type.

"What the fuck?" He said quietly, without moving.

"I need to hear it from him," Sarah said from behind my seat where I couldn't see her. All I could see in the mirror was her from the breasts down, her legs wide open under this man's face, his head resting in her palm. I noticed for the first time the scent of her pussy intermingled the aroma of her perfume trapped in the little taxi cruising down a remote back road.

"I need to hear from him that he's enjoying himself."

He lifted his head, and leaned forward to rest an arm on the back of my seat. Then he reached his other arm around and put his hand on my crotch, surprising me so much I swerved, almost driving us into the ditch.

He laughed.

"Look, man," he said quietly into my ear. I could feel his hot breath, smelling of booze. "All you gotta do to help me out in getting it on with this girl is to tell the truth."

I looked into the mirror - he was looking at me expectantly. I still couldn't see Sarah's face - just her almost totally naked body, waiting for his touch. His tongue. His...

I sighed.

"I'm so hard," I said, feeling that it would be cowardly to do anything but tell the truth now. "I'm so fucking hard, I feel like I'm going to cum in my jeans."

The man laughed, patting me heavily on my shoulder before returning his attention to my wife.

He wrapped his arms around Sarah's thighs again, and kissed one of her knees, staring at the face I couldn't see, apparently waiting for her sign. I returned my eyes to the road. After a moment of waiting, she sighed.

"Well, then why don't you take it out, driver? Take out and stroke it if you want to."

I looked back, and the man was moving his face straight to Sarah's pussy, settling his body into position for a leisurely licking session. Meanwhile, Sarah subtly repositioned her hips so that I had the best possible view of his attentions on her pussy. As I watched, he began to gently lick up and down her slit, and she be let out a prolonged, gratified sigh, running her fingers sensually through his hair as he did his work.

I took her advice and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, shifting them down a little so that my cock could get free, but I only stroked it for a minute - I felt like I would come very quickly if I continued to stroke it, and that would be bad. For one thing, I was likely to go off the road. For another, it was hard enough to endure this with a raging hard-on - it would be hell to watch Sarah play around with this guy after I had come and gone soft.

He soon had a a couple of fingers inside her, moving gently in and out, while he licked the flat of his tongue up and down over her clit. He was good - what he was doing was exactly what she liked. I had taken me years of instructions and interpreting her responses to get my technique down. He was doing it at least as well as me, and with the added excitement of him being a stranger, and me watching, Sarah was getting close to orgasm very quickly. I could hear her breathing out the tell-tale quivering moans, and she began to grind her pussy against his mouth and fingers.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah," she squealed in a quivering voice as she grinded harder and faster, and he responded by likewise increasing his pace with his tongue and fingers.

"Oh fuck, yeah...ahhhhhhhh!" I couldn't see much anymore as she was now shoving his face into her pussy with her hands in his hair, but it was obvious she was coming as she bucked her hips against his face.

The car seemed saturated with the scent of her pussy, and as her body let out one last shudder, she let go of his hair and relaxed.

"Oh, my fuck. Oh, my fuck," she repeated, "thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

I had the distinct feeling that she was talking to me rather than him. For my part, I was amazed that I hadn't come all over the wheel despite not touching myself.

As her breathing died down, the only other sound was the radio playing quietly. Now that she had come, this was over. Right? I waited for her to sit up and start to dress. Either that was going to happen right now or...
He pulled his shirt off.

My cock was still swollen and hard, twitching sporadically.

So was his, I saw, as he knelt between her legs, moving his torso down over hers, running one hand down her breast, down her belly... he grabbed his cock and positioned it for entry.

As fast as I could, I turned the radio up again and changed the station conspicuously, staring into the mirror.

"Fuck!" Sarah cursed, putting her hand against his muscular belly.

"I'm reaally sorry, but I can't fuck you."

Reaally sorry? Fuck.

"What!?" he exclaimed. "Hey, can you turn that fucking radio down?"

I turned it down a few notches.

"I'm sorry I can't," she repeated.

"Fine, no penetration, just rub your pussy with my cock."

I waited for her to refuse this obvious ploy, but she didn't say a word. Instead, as he lowered himself down over her, she grabbed his cock and started slowly rubbing it in circles against her dripping pussy. I turned the volume up a little and changed the channel again - did she not hear the signal or was she ignoring it?

She stopped rubbing his cock against herself and the lay there still for a moment, one hand still on his cock, one hand cupping his balls. She had heard.

"Driver," she said, very tenderly. "Would you mind turning the radio off?"

Still the lay frozen like that. She was waiting for my word. Would I put her in this position and then deprive her?

Fuck. We weren't supposed to go anywhere near this far. A blow-job was the extreme edge of possibility. Now she wanted to rub this guy's cock on her wet pussy. All three of us knew where that would certainly lead to...

I sighed. A big droplet of precum on my knob broke and ran down the bottom of my throbbing shaft.

I turned the radio off.

Behind me they both sighed as the rubbing finally continued. She repositioned a little bit while she rubbed herself with him, so that her pussy was facing the mirror more, and with one of her hands, she tilted his hips so that I could see her rubbing his enormous swollen cock all up and down her pussy. Her inner thighs and crotch were glistening.

I could see his hips twitching occasionally as he tried, almost reflexively, to shove his knob inside the vagina that lay there awaiting, beckoning. Sarah wouldn't be able to fend him off for long. I found myself stroking my cock without even intending to.

That was enough. I wasn't going to let this guy fuck my wife in my car. I was stopping it. I fumbled for my phone, and hit send on the prewritten text - the "end it now" signal.

"home now. where r u? come now. xo"

Sarah's cell phone buzzed behind me.

She groaned in frustration.

What the fuck?

She stopped moving. His hips continued to twitch, as he tried to stick his cock in her without forcing her.

"Oh fuck, please," he begged.

"You want this," she said.

"No shit," he replied, thinking she was talking to him.

I still couldn't see her face.

"You want this as much as I do."

"I'm not arguing, honey. Let's do it."

Dumb fuck.

"If you want me to stop, say so," she said.

I was at war with myself about what to do. It would be humiliating to speak up at that point and make it obvious that I was the husband of this woman he had gotten off as I just sat there driving them around with my dick in my hands. It wasn't fair of her - I sent the signal, and now she was changing the rules. I wanted to make it stop, but I couldn't think of anything I could do to stop it from happening.

Meanwhile, he stared down at her, confused, and afraid to say anything, since he didn't know what the hell she was thinking, and he didn't know what words were necessary to get her to let him fuck her.

She started rubbing his cock on her again. She spread her legs wide, putting on foot between the seats, by the gear shift.

She wanted me to be able to see him penetrate her.

She placed his nob at her entrance with her right hand, and with her left hand, she pulled his ass towards her, forcing his cock into her.

"Oh!" she cried. "Go slow. It's fucking huge."

He started tenderly pushing in and out of her. It looked like he was still only using about half his cock.

"Oh my god," this cried about an octave above her usual voice. "You want this, baby - oh fuck, ahhhhh - I know you want this!" I saw him pull out a little and stroke back and forth a few times up to the point they had reached, and Sarah moaned appreciatively.

"Fuck it's so thick!"

Then he slowly pushed it in a little farther, and was about to pull it out again, but she grabbed his ass to prevent him, her fingertips making white marks on his ass as she desperately clutched him - wanting him in her pussy.

When I looked back at the road, we were headed for a bend and would have gone into the ditch had I not swerved sharply, throwing us all a bit towards the passenger side.

"Ooh!" Sarah squealed as the man landed back on her - and farther in her.

"I think you better pull over, driver, before you kill us," she said in a weirdly calm voice.

Right ahead there was a seldom used road into the trees and I drove some distance down it before cutting the engine and pulling to a stop, and turning the lights off. The sudden silence and darkness was a shock.

They lay still for a moment, breathing heavily with adrenaline from the swerve, and from lust, and then the man started pushing his cock in her again.

Sarah sighed.

I could only barely see them in the moonlight. He was just an anonymous man on top of my wife, humping her. The absurdity of it shook me all of a sudden. We had no idea who this guy was, or what he was capable of. And here we were - in the middle of nowhere while this guy was fucking my wife and I watched it in the mirror.

She put her hands up to the man's face again.

'I like being watched - it turns me on. Do you mind if he turns around to watch.?"

"I don't care," he said distractedly, while he began to pick up his pace.

I slid gratefully over to the passenger side seat, where I could see Sarah's face over his left shoulder, eyes closed and slack-jawed as she was penetrated by his enormous cock. I could tell by the twitches Sarah made with her wide-open mouth when he was pushing himself a little further into her as he fucked her.

"Ooooooooooh, fuuuuuuuck," she moaned.

In the silence and stillness, it was a suddenly very intimate scene. I adjusted to remove my pants completely and then turned back towards her. This time her eyes were opened and fixed on me, though rhythmically jostled by his thrusting, which was beginning to increase in force.

"I love you," she mouthed silently, just before her eyes were forced shut by an apparently especially deep thrust.

My seat swayed underneath me as his now heavy pounding shook the car from side to side. Sarah's moans became more urgent. I started to stroke myself. Lightly - I didn't want to go before she did.

Just then he stopped and sat up.

"Roll over," he demanded. "Get on your knees."

She obeyed him as I watched. He pushed his cock clumsily at her. She grabbed it and put the end of it at her opening.

"Slow," she pleaded, as his cock pushed her pussy wide open.

"Oh fuck," she squealed, reaching down underneath her to caress his hanging sack.

He pushed back and forth a little before pushing further.

"Ahhhhhhhhh..." she moaned, almost like a laugh, like a woman who had just discovered some unexpected joy in the world.

They rocked back and forth like that for several minutes - he could see that she was enjoying an unexpected pleasure, and I could see that he still hadn't push all the way in.

Just then, she reached back behind her and grabbed his ass.

"All of it now. I want to feel your balls slapping against my pussy."

That got him started.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My sweet little girl.

I heard his balls slapping against her for a few moments, her ever more urgent moans, and then a sudden increase in his tempo. He was going to cum.

Just then I realised that I wanted him to cum as soon as possible so this could be over, and I could blow my load.

Wait - she wasn't going to let him cum in her, was she?

Fuck, was he going to cum in her?

"Wait!" she urged. "Don't cum yet."

She got off his cock and put her ass on the seat.

"I don't want this to end yet. Sit there," she demanded of him, pointing at the center of the back seat. He obliged, and she sat on him, straddling her legs with her back facing him. Her tits and face facing me. She reached down between her legs, rising up, and insert his cock into herself, and lowered herself down. I could see every inch of progress written on her face. She seemed almost to weep with pleasure when all her weight rested on his crotch. She paused there a moment before grinding her hips back and forth on his cock and groaning shamelessly.

She seemed to come to her senses a bit, sensing my desperate needs, because she opened her eyes, looked at me, and pawed lightly at my chest as I jerked myself off. I'd never been so turned on as then, as I watched his cock spreading her pussy to an improbable width as he rammed up and down inside her shaking frame and she paid only token attention to me. She seemed to become aware of this too, as she then grabbed my cock and started leaning towards it, so that she could suck me off with this man fucked her from behind.

"No." He said, still bouncing her on his cock. "I'm not having a fucking threesome with that creep."

Thump, thump, thump - her eyes were less than half open as she arched her ass up on his cock for an even more satisfying angle.

"You can fuck him or you can fuck me - take your pick," he demanded.

Her hand fell off my cock absently, and she let her torso drop between the two front seats as he hammered her arched ass harder and harder.

She began to moan with abandon as her breast jiggled against my thigh with each of his thrusts, to which I was matching my own strokes. I was going to come any second.

"Come back here," he said to her, getting off her ass.

She obeyed again. She let him lay her down on the seat again, and he got between her legs again.

"I'm gonna fuck you until I'm just about to come, and then I am going to straddle your face so you can swallow my come, okay?"


He spread her legs wide, and then even he seemed to consider my voyeuristic needs as he tilted her pussy towards me before slowly easing his thick cock into my wife again. As he began to fuck her really furiously, she started to scream in ecstasy as she began to have another orgasm - I was thankful that we were out in the middle of nowhere - it was enough to wake a neighborhood.

"Yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!"

Suddenly he pulled out and moved up her body. He sat on her tits and shoved his cock into her mouth and I came immediately, knowing what was happening as she reached up with both hands, stroking his shaft urgently, taking as much of his cock into her mouth as she could handle. He grunted several times as his hips twitched into her face.

I came right then all over the passenger seat.

"Mmmmmmmm," she moaned, now very gently stroking his shaft. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and kissed the tip with puckered lips, and then looks admiringly up at him with a tight smile. As he dismounts her, she shoots me a quick, sly smile and then opens her mouth to show the abundant come on her tongue. Then she closes it and swallows a few times before kissing her way up his now reclined body, from his bellybutton to his mouth, french kissing him a little before laying lazy on his body, lazily caressing his flaccid cock and balls.

"Jessie," she said sleepily, closing her eyes. "Can you drive us to sleep?"

The man who had just fucked my wife looked at me, and seemed to understand. He smiled contemptuously at me and nodded his head, then lay back and closed his eyes as Sarah continued caressing his junk.

I pulled my pants on and got back in the driver's seat. I started the engine, and we drove off into the night.

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