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Husband Strikes Back

by adventurer

08/21/2016 18:11 in submissive-husband

Chp1 – From Ebony Queen to Ebony Goddess (previous chapter)

Ebony wife cheats in interracial threesome - Hazel & Raul.

Chp2 – Husband strikes back. Ebony Goddess series. (current chapter)

Husband discovers his black wife's affair, and plans to get even - Hazel & Raul.


It's been over 6 months since my wife Hazel, went From an Ebony Queen to an Ebony Goddess, and I've more than figured out what happened that wild night in Chicago during Hazel's work conference with two co-workers, and how my beautiful ebony queen turned into a goddess.

That night Hazel had gone out drinking and dancing, and, well, one thing led to another, and my wife ended up sleeping with her co-workers, Carl and James at the same time. I'm leaving a lot of the details out of course, the whole night could take me pages to describe, but at the end of the day, I know exactly what happened. Hazel isn't aware that I know, but soon it will all come out.

Am I Sherlock Homes, a great investigator and extremely shrewd individual at observations, and I was able to find everything out? No, not even close. My name is Raul, and unless Sherlock looked like Enrique Iglesias, he would look nothing like me. I am just lucky, very very lucky. Not only lucky to basically find out everything about the infamous night in Chicago, but very lucky to have an amazing and extremely wild, and beautiful wife. Out of the two of us, I always thought I was the wild one until I found out the craziness my wife was involved in.

Hazel is beautiful, if you don't know about her from the adventure she had in Chicago, I'll give you a quick description of her. Hazel is just 5'4", and though she's gained just a few pounds these last few months, her 120 pound dark chocolatey black body still looks amazing. Her tits and ass giggle incredibly seductive now, and she was blessed that the extra pounds were distributed in all the right places, even her little stretch marks look good! I love smacking her ass and seeing it giggle, and watch her tits sag and bounce when she's leaning over on top of me or she's bending over for me. She's still petite, and has amazing curves that turn heads everywhere she goes. Hazel had stopped hitting the free weights with me, but discovered yoga, and she loves it. Her flexibility has grown, and her happiness increased.

A guy in the other hand, can't gain weight and have stuff giggle seductively like a woman can, so about 7 months ago I started hitting the gym consistently. I stand at 5'11", but with my torso and legs being in better shape, I look and feel cut. My dick hasn't grown, of course, but next to my body it definitely looks longer than 6". Definitely not a porn star length, but it's certainly wide enough, and the head is extra big, it's gotten plenty of compliments before of how it massages the g-spot perfectly.

You're probably wondering how I found out of what happened in Chicago right? Two words: sleep talk. Guys and girls, if you sleep talk, put a mouth guard in your mouth before sleeping, or live a wholesome life so you have no secrets. Your hot dreams will betray you.

Obviously Hazel didn't spill all of her secrets when she was talking, but she gave me enough for me to start inquiring. She started off with asking for it to be "harder" and moans. "Deeper" and more moans. Then more words like "baby" and "oh god". This happened over the course of weeks, and naturally I thought it was because of the sex we had been having. Then one night she mentioned "Carl" during her moans, and I got very curious. I started to really watch for her talking during sleep, and tried to be as light of a sleeper as possible so I wouldn't miss her clues, but it's hard to try to stay alert throughout the night, so what happened next happened during a few months.

During her sleep talk stage, I can actually ask her questions, very simple questions, and sometimes she answers with something that makes sense. One time she was starting to sleep talk, I reached over to her and rubbed her ass. Not enough to wake her up, but enough for her to feel it. She started moaning in her sleep. "Want to get fucked baby?" I asked. "Hmmm...yeah..." she whispered as she moved a bit. I rubbed her ass some more, and asked her "Want Raul to fuck you?" She moved to her stomach and moved her hips in rhythm to my hands. "Yes." I wasn't going to fuck her, I needed her to stay in the sleep stage while I tested some questions. I had no doubt she wanted to fuck me, our sex had actually been amazing lately, but I couldn't blurt someone's name out as I was testing this form of questioning. I didn't want to push it too much this first chance, so I let her down softly and gradually stopped rubbing her ass. The next morning I was late for work. Hazel woke up in a horny mood, and wanted my dick in her right away! I liked where this was going, and I especially liked the reward in the morning from getting her going at night.

Now, did I realize I was about to cross the trust line, and ask my wife questions during her weakest moment to get real answers? Yes. Did I feel bad? I did at the time, but I had to find out about Carl. The only Carl I knew was her co-worker from the California corporate office, and she dated a guy named Carey a few years before meeting me, so I was perplexed.

Another night as she was sleep talking, I almost missed it since I was so tired, but I managed to turn over to her as she was moaning. I lightly caressed her shoulder, "who are you fucking baby?" I asked her almost fully asleep myself. "My hubby and Carl." Well that woke me up! I nearly sat up, but held back. I wasn't sure if I heard her correctly. I started to rub her shoulder again. "You fucking Raul and Carl together?" Again, simple questions so she doesn't have to think too much, just give short answers. "Yes" I was totally awake. I reached down to gently rub her tits through her shirt. "Does it feel good?" She moaned and I could barely see a smile through the darkness. Bad question I thought, I'm not sure if she likes how the tit rubbing feels or the threesome she's having in her dreams.

"You like fucking Carl?" Her nipples were now erect as I continued to lightly squeeze and rub her tits. "Yes, yes I do." She said moving her body. Holy Shit! I thought. I was instantly hard, that turned me on more than it should have, but I always fantasied about a threesome with Hazel and another girl, didn't think too much about having a guy as a third person. "Good, he likes fucking you too." She just kept slowly moving her body. "When did you last fuck Carl?" She said something I couldn't catch then said "After dancing." Maybe she's talking about Carey, they dated a while back, and I know how Hazel gets after a good night dancing, and I've fucked her plenty of times after going out dancing with her. I liked hearing about her past exploits, she was usually super tight-lipped about such things.

I was beyond hard, and I used my free hand to free my dick and started pumping it. "How did Carl fuck you?" I figured I'd still use Carl, even though I'm sure she meant Carey. I squeezed her tit as I asked. "While I was blowing James." She said as she was breathing faster. James? Who the hell is that? My wife had two guys at once? Man did she mellow after she met me and got married, my wife was a freak. I never heard of James, but since she didn't talk about her ex boyfriends much, I figured he was one of Carey's friend she never mentioned. I was pumping my dick more and more, as I squeezed her tits a bit harder. Hazel was breathing faster and faster. "So you liked fucking Carl and James at once huh?"

She slowed her breathing a bit, and I squeezed her nipple. She started moaning again, and I felt the sheets move as she reached down and started rubbing herself. I just hoped she didn't wake up. "Yes, I liked fucking them both." I pushed the sheets off me as I felt my climax approaching. If she woke up now she'd see me masturbating as I played with her very hard and erect nipples, so I wasn't worried about it. As Hazel began to squirm more and more, she whispered "Carl fucked me up the ass. It was so good." That visual put me over the top. My balls contracted and I let go of Hazel's tit as I began to ejaculate streams of cum up and the air and they came down on my stomach. Hazel still fingered her clit and she contorted her body as she climaxed. I cleaned myself with a shirt, and I looked over towards Hazel. She was breathing a bit slower now, but I was amazed she didn't wake up. She took a deep breath and almost mumbled "I can't wait to go dancing in Chicago again." And resumed her sleep, breathing in deeper, and after the burst I just had, I just relaxed and went back to sleep eventually too.

In the morning, I got a pleasant surprised waking me up. It hadn't been since the days we were dating that she woke me up with a blowjob. Hazel was stroking my dick while she lapped my balls with her juicy tongue. We had a great fuck that morning.

A few weeks went by, and during her sleep talk sessions, she'd mention how she fucked Carey, or Carl as she called him, and his friend James. She never gave too many details, but she would ask for Carl to cum in her, and how she'd like her husband to join. It was a huge turn on, and most mornings we ended up fooling around in some way.

One night, while we had our neighbors over, and they mentioned doing a drinking tour of several US cities after their baby was a bit older. I mentioned that I wanted to return to New Orleans, as I had a great time years ago. Hazel wanted to go to Nashville, our friend George picked Chicago where he's from, and his wife Amy wanted Austin. We each offered our opinions of each choice, and I'd never been to Nashville or Chicago. Hazel then mentioned that even though she'd only been to Chicago for work, it was a blast, but that Nashville was better. The conversation went on, but that raised my curiosity. It had been many years since she dated Carey, and she said she had sex with him and his friend James in Chicago after dancing, so it didn't make sense that she said she had only been there for work, she started her current job about a year and a half ago, after we got married. Was she referring to her co-worker Carl during her sleep talk?

It all made sense while I was sitting there with our friends having a beer. She told that she went out dancing with Carl and her other co-worker, James, after her last work conference in Chicago!! She wasn't sleep talking about a previous sex experience with a past boyfriend, she was talking about an affair she had several months ago during her corporate meeting!!

I'm not proud of this, but I went all private investigator on her phone after that night of drinks with friends, and looked at any accounts I could get my suspicious-hands on. While she was showering one night, I instantly found a handful of sexy selfies she had taken on her phone, and several pictures I had taken of her posing, or us having sex. Her phone is better, and I use it to take pictures, and I just text or email the pictures to my phone after we're done. I had seen all of those pictures before, so that wasn't a source of concern. I found a sexy one she had sent the previous week, and instead of texting it, I opted to email it. The phone opened up a new message with the picture as attachment, my focus came back, and I cancelled sending it, and I opened up her email app.

I didn't see anything immediately, so I searched for "Carl". A few emails came up, and then I saw the emails I was looking for. I won't bore you with the details, but Hazel reached out to Carl months ago to see how he was doing, and the emails started pretty tame. Then a few weeks ago, she then sent him a picture of her in a sexy bra and panty set she thought I'd like, and wanted his opinion. He of course liked it. I had received that same picture, and proceeded to come home and jump her that day, unbeknown to me that another man had given his opinion of the picture before I got to see it.

I was so confused. I was pissed from being cheated on, but turned completely on from the thoughts of my wife being a flirt and a slutty wife. One huge plus while going through her emails on her phone was that I saw an email from Amy, our neighbors and drinking buddies. She sent a selfie of herself with lingerie that barely covered her while George was watching a game in the background, and complaining that her husband rather watch the baseball game than her. I could see George in the background, his chubby self was sitting in the couch glued to the game. Amy was hot, and even after having a kid, her body was amazing, and her saggy tits looked delicious being barely contained in her sexy bra. She looks a bit like Anne Hathaway, but with soft brown hair. I filed that image in my mind. Hazel had responded that she was hot, and even Hazel would jump her if she played for that team. My wife is awesome I thought, then I remembered that she's corresponding with the guy she cheated on me with, so that feeling diminished.

I didn't say anything to Hazel, and continued to question her during her sleep talk sessions. I asked her one time if she wanted to fuck Carl again, and she said yes. I asked her if she wanted me and Carl at once, and she said yes. I started to really start to fantasize about having Hazel at the same time with another Guy, and that idea took root, and I found myself thinking about it more and more.

Almost two months ago, Hazel was notified that she had another work conference coming up. This was a small meeting in Orlando for a few departments in her company. I told her it would be great since she didn't have to drive. She was beaming, but I'm sure it was because she might run into Carl again, not because it was so close.

Time flew, and the meeting was in a few days. When she was taking a shower, I checked her emails again. Sure enough Carl was going, and he couldn't wait to see her again. She told him not to expect a repeat of Chicago, but would love to hang out. Carl told her he would push it as far as she would want, but he was worried that the conference was so close, and if I would be coming by. Hazel told him not to worry since I had no interest in going, and I didn't suspect a thing. Perfect! What should I do? Show up and catch them in the act? Get a chance to beat the shit out of Carl?

Since Hazel didn't need to fly, she was going to get there a day after her co-workers flew in. I checked her phone again the day before she was set to drive out, and Carl had arrived and checked into the hotel. He told her to call him after she got in, and gave her his room number so they can get some drinks. That little fucker moves fast! Hazel was going to go into her office in the morning, and drive out to Orlando after lunch. That was my opening.

I had taken the rest of the week off, and I had told my co-worker Anthony I owed him huge for covering my accounts while I was out. That morning I fucked Hazel like we normally do when we travel apart from each other. I took lots of pictures, and told her to send them to me throughout the trip. I started taking pictures of her being naked in bed, then while I fingered her, ate her out, and during her sucking my dick. I took pictures of us in the mirror during doggy style, and several of her laying on her back as my jism was oozing out of her pussy. I almost always creampie her before one of us leaves for travel.

We kissed each other goodbye, and I told her I couldn't wait to see her in a few days. I left the house and headed towards the freeway to go to work, but instead I went to Hazel's office, and waited for her to get there. If she was going straight to Orlando that would put a kink on my plan.

I called the hotel that her company was staying while I waited for Hazel to get to work, and prayed they had a room available. They did, and I booked it on my credit card she never checked. Hazel pulled into her office parking, and after she went into her office, I drove off to go to Orlando and have a talk with Carl.

I checked in, and got in my hotel room ASAP. First thing after putting my stuff down was to compose myself for what I was about to do next. I thought about going to his room, and knocking on the door. I looked him up in Hazel's Facebook account, so I knew how he looked like, but I wanted to talk with him in my own room.

I decided to call him, and ask him to come to talk to me. The phone rang, and he picked up. "Hello, Carl?" I said.

"Yes, who is this?" He probably wasn't expecting a male's voice on the other line.

"My name is Raul, Hazel's husband from Tampa. Hazel isn't in yet. Please come and see me in room 941, and do not contact Hazel. Thank you." I hung up the phone. "Hazel's husband from Tampa"??? Why did I tell him "from Tampa"? As oppose to her husband from Detroit? I was nervous. I was curious to see if Carl would have the balls to come, and if he did, what was going through his head. Several minutes later, I heard a knock on the door.

Carl was standing a bit hunch over just outside my door, and his face trying to look serious as he was trying not to bite his lip.

"Hello again, please, come in." I gestured him to walk in, and closed the door behind him. "Please sit down. We don't have much time, so let's try to keep our conversation short. What do you think is going to happen now?" I asked him as I sat down on a chair adjacent to his.

"Well, we're either going to fight, or you're going to ask me to stay away from Hazel."

"Fight, OR ask you?" I said cocking my head and emphasizing "OR".

Carl shifted in his chair, a bit shaken. We're both very similar height, but Carl is skinnier, and my thicker arms definitely showed under my shirt.

"We'll either fight and you tell me to stay away from your wife, or we just fight."

"That's more realistic, but that's not right." I laid back on my chair. "I want to know everything that happened in Chicago the night you fucked my wife."

"Ok..." he said with a confused look in his face.

"That's first, I'm not done yet. Second, I don't want you to tell Hazel a word about this talk we're having, unless you want your ass kicked and never get to fuck her again." I said with the most serious look in my face, with a slight eye brow lift as I said the last part. I let that sink in for a second. He nodded his head slowly.

"I'll be honest with you, I had every intention to go to your room and leave you black and blue for the rest of the meetings, but I just can't stop thinking about you fucking Hazel. Is James in this conference?"

"No, he's in Atlanta, in a different department of the company. We might see him next year in the company wide conference in Chicago, but Hazel wasn't his biggest fan after... that night."

"Listen, you and I need to get acquainted more, but I'm not sure when Hazel will get to the hotel, so I'll make this quick. You can keep doing whatever Hazel wants to do, but I want you to take pictures of what you do, and send them to my personal email." I picked up my cell phone, and sent him an email from my personal account. I'd seen his email in Hazel's phone so often I have it memorized. His phone buzzed with a new email message. "That's my email that just buzzed, with my phone number. I want to see everything, and I want to know everything. Hazel doesn't know anything about this, so this is me getting even in a way that we all end up winning. What do you think?"

"I'm...shocked. Not what I thought you'd say."

"So do you agree?"

"Yeah, it sounds more than fair. You got any restrictions?"

That surprised me. I can see why Hazel liked him more than James, who she didn't say too many good things about him when she briefly told me about them six months ago. "Yes, you can only fuck her without a condom if you have yourself checked out consistently, and you are disease free. As a matter of fact, you need to get checked out regularly if you want to fuck her at all. Also, you can't bring someone else in bed unless Hazel is the one that brings that person in. So don't be trying to get your friends laid. You have to tell me everything, and of course, I expect pictures of what you Guys do. I don't care if you fuck her up the ass again, I want to know and see everything." This made his eyes go wide, he didn't expect me to know that.
"Lastly, I'll figure out how to let Hazel know. For now, she's not to be told a word."

Carl nodded, and said "No problem, I can do all of that."

I stood and took a step forward and extended my hand for him to shake it. "Good to meet and talk with you Carl, please act like this never happened, and keep me in the loop via email. Hazel will call you when she gets into her room, if you Guys get intimate tonight, eat her out. That'll really get me off."

Carl smiled. "Ok, I can do that. Why specifically do you want me to do that?"

"Because, I just shot my load in her about 3 hours ago when we last had sex, so she might still have some of my cum inside. She might wash before you guys go out, and she might not want to do anything with you at all, but in the chance that she wants to get freaky, and she still has some cum residue from me, that would be hot." I watched Carl's face as I told him that.

He raised his eye brows and nodded, with a slight smile. "Ok, that does sound kinda hot. I can dig that."

I think Carl is going to work out just fine. And with that, an alliance was forged, or more like keep-your-enemies-closer kinda move.

I stayed in my room for most of the first day. I had booked two nights, and was pissed at myself for it being such a waste of money, but I wasn't thinking perfectly straight. That night I got an email from Carl. They were going to meet up for drinks, and he told me the name of the restaurant. So it begins, my dick got semi-hard with the thought.

That night I snuck out, not knowing which room Hazel was staying in, I was extra paranoid, and called her from the parking lot of a restaurant that was not near the restaurant they were picking. I wasn't going to follow them, as I knew of her affair already, and it's not like they would get freaky in the actual restaurant. I talked to Hazel briefly, and she said she was on her way to a business dinner with colleagues. "Right..." I thought with a smile in my face.

While I was eating, Carl sent me a picture of Hazel posing for him in the hotel lobby. Hazel is definitely comfortable with her picture being taken since I take so many of her. She looked amazing, but not overly sexy. It was an elegant and seductive dress. I loved that dress!

I hurried up to eat, and I messaged Carl to tell me which room she was staying, so I could avoid her. Carl's room was in the 8th floor, and close to the stairs in the same wing as my room, so his room was easy to find and avoid, but I had no idea which room or floor Hazel was staying. He emailed me back just before I got back to the hotel, and told me she was also in the 8th floor with him, but in the other side of the wing. Ok, that should be easy to avoid if I use the side entrance.

That night nothing happened, Carl sent me a txt that he had dropped off Hazel in her room, and all he did was kiss her and a slight butt grab. I told Carl to give me a call in the hotel phone when he got back to his room.

Carl and I ended up talking about the night in Chicago, and I could tell he was really turned on telling me every detail from his point of view. I came twice from that story. He filled in all of the gaps she had left out during her sleep talk. While talking to Carl, I looked at my room, and saw that the closet was pretty close to the bed, and I asked him if his room had a similar layout, it did. I asked him to give me a key to his room, and to really try to take her back to his room if she was feeling up for anything. He knew exactly where I was going with it, and mentioned that he'd move all of his clothes to one side of the closet.

"Well that was a great story Carl, I'm going to rub one off again before going to sleep." I told him.

"I'm already working on jerking one off myself. This is truly the first time I've told that story to anyone. Hazel didn't want to talk about it, and I only told my cousin that I had a good time. It took all of my will to keep from telling him anymore."

"I'm glad to hear that Carl, one day we'll both fuck Hazel together, but for now, I want to be more of a voyeur. It sounds a bit perverted, but it's turning me on."

"I know what you mean." He said. "Will it be too much to ask if you could send me pictures of you two having sex? The only ones that Hazel sends me are ones of her in sexy clothes or naked, she doesn't send me any hardcore pictures."

I was glad he asked, at least I wasn't the only one feeling odd by being a voyeur. "Yeah, sure thing. For now though, try to save some energy for Hazel tomorrow, she might be in the mood, and you wouldn't want to waste any cum. And don't forget to drop off the key to your room and let me know what you're doing that night, and when you'll be back. I might be in the closet in your room tomorrow night, so hopefully things go well."

Carl let out a laugh. "I like the sound of that." And we both hung up the phone.

In the morning, Carl had slipped his key under my door, and wrote his room number. Like I'd forget his room number.

During the day, I received an email from Carl asking me to do a huge favor for him. He said that if anything was to happen tonight, Hazel would want it to happen in her room, so she could kick him out and not have the walk of shame. He said that had he known about me and our deal, he would have picked some things up in the store before the trip, but since he was in work meetings and presentations, he wanted to find out if I could pick up some things. It was a very odd request. Here was the lover asking the cheated husband to buy stuff to help him seduce the cheating wife.

I saw his list, and I liked how Carl thought. It was odd how similar we thought, and I could really see why Hazel liked him. So to the store I went. I made sure they were still in meetings. I went to his room, and I put the stuff down per his request, and admired his forward-thinking. I left for my room to wait for the night.

That night Carl sent me another picture of Hazel, this time she was wearing her sexy new year's dress she wore last year, and Carl mentioned that was the dress she had in Chicago. I knew things were going to go well for them, and I told him that. I also told him that if the plan worked, he was going to have to help me sneak out of the room after all the fun was had, he agreed.

About an hour later, I got a quick email that they were in the way. I was already in Carl's room watching TV, and I got super excited. I turned the TV off, and looked at the rose pedals Carl had laid down in the bed, and the candles around the room. I also thought it was funny he asked me to buy her a pair of gym shorts, tank top, and slippers. He didn't want her to walk back to her room in her sexy dress, being that was the walk of shame, but instead she would look like she just got done working out at the gym. Smart man this Carl is.

Hazel and Carl came in to the room, and Carl told her to walk in, and she'll see why he wanted to go to his room and not hers. From the closet blinds, I could see Hazel walk up to the bed, and see the pedals, then Carl walked around her to light the candles and turn the lights off. He told her about the clothes he got for her before the trip since he had been thinking of this night for weeks. She was instantly sold.

She squealed and jumped up and kissed him, while wrapping her legs around his waist. I saw Carl stand up straight, and he was a bit taller than me, so I figured he was slumped down when I met him yesterday, but now he was standing erect, holding her up and kissing her.

He kept kissing her as his fingers went deeper down her dress. He broke the kiss off, and turned towards the bed and laid her down as he got on his knees in the foot of the bed. Hazel unwrapped her arms from him and laid on her back, with some rose pedals surrounding her. She looked around the bed and reached up to gather some rose pedals close to the pillows. As she raised her arms, her nipples couldn't hide anymore, and her tits popped out of her dress and I could see some pasties. Hazel loves nipple pasties. Carl had undone his belt, and was letting his pants drop to his knees. He noticed the pasties and climbed on the bed to start sucking on each nipple. Hazel reached down and stroke his head as his mouth sucked each nipple hungrily. He then gently bit the pasties' tip, and removed it from her tit. He grabbed her left tit and turned his head to suck it, when he did that, he looked towards the closet. It wasn't directly at me, but his eyes were trying to find me. I moved away from the blinds to make sure I wasn't seen.

Carl left her chest glistening with saliva, and started to go lower and lower. When he reached to the end of Hazel's dress he lifted it and I could see her blue panties. He reached around her and grabbed the sides and slipped her panties off as Hazel raised her ass. She wasn't shaven, but neatly trimmed like I had last been with her. Carl dove straight in, and ate my wife only feet away from me. I had an extremely hard-on. Carl stopped, and reached for his phone to turn on some music. I thought that was smooth, and I remembered to reach into my pocket and put my phone in silent. When I looked up, Carl had his phone in front of his face, and a quick flash happened, and I smiled as Carl was getting the pictures I asked him to. I took my phone out and put the camera in video, and I started taking a video.

Carl got back into eating my wife and Hazel started pinching and pulling her nipples, and squeezing her soft breast. After a minute, she raised off the bed, and sat up. She started pulling Carl's undershirt off, and pulled him to stand up. His pants dropped to the floor, and Carl reached for the phone again. He took pictures of her while she pulled his boxers down, and I saw his dick pop out.

"Oh my god, it's been so long." She said as she took his smooth dick into her hand and she kissed around his belly button. She stroke his dick as she looked up, and pose for his phone. He took 5-6 pictures, and every flash made her big diamond I had given her years ago shine brightly. He put the phone down and she looked down and took him in her mouth. Carl was a bit longer than me, but he wasn't as thick, and his head was normal size. She sucked his smooth dick as her head bobbed side to side, letting his cock slide in and out of her wet mouth and smooth lush lips.

"This is a bit different with just us two." Carl said as he held her head and pushed his rod deep in her mouth.

Hazel pushed back and pulled his dick out. She took a deep breath and looked up at him smiling. She started stroking his dick again, completely wet and glistening from her spit.

"That's right, the last time I did this I had someone eating me out from behind. Do you miss it?"

"Yeah, very. It was hot seeing you suck me off while someone else was behind you eating and fingering you. I also loved it when you were blowing James and I was behind you ramming into you. I came so hard inside of you that night."

"You did! But no more James, he's a bit of a prick" She looked down and started giving him lush kisses on the shaft.

"It would be cool if we could get someone else. Your Husband wouldn't be down for something like that would he?"

Wow, that was forward. I thought it was risky since this might not be the best time for her to think about me.

"Raul? Yeah, it would be awesome, but as freaky as he used to be, I'm not sure if he'll share me. Maybe with another girl, I think I can ease him into sharing if I got one of my friends." She continued to kiss along his shaft. "You are so fucking hard! You like talking about other people fucking me huh?" Hazel said hungrily and she kept stroking him, all the while her bright ring giving her away as a married hot wife.

Carl smiled and pushed her on the bed, and reached down to take the dress off. Hazel lay there completely naked, as Carl pushed her up the bed, and got between her legs. Hazel reached down, and took his dick in her hand, and slowly rubbed her clit with it. She was completely wet, so when she position the head in between her pussy lips; his slow thrust slipped him right in.

He pulled out, and pushed back in. He started with a good rhythm. I could barely hold my phone without shaking as I was stroking my dick by then. I didn't care if I shot in the door, my jeans, or Carl's luggage, this was too good to stop. Carl raised his chest as he continued to pump her in an out, and I could see Hazel's tits bounce up to her chin and down to her belly, her eyes were closed but her face looked of pure joy. The contrast of their body color was amazing, her dark glimmering skin was like a chocolate swirl under Carl's white body. Even his dick looked surreal as it pulled out, it looked like a white pole sinking into her dark pussy. I had a huge smile in my face.

After a few minutes, he grabbed her leg and turned her around. She quickly got on all fours, and pushed her ass back to him; inviting him to do as he pleased. Carl then turned towards the closet and gave me a thumbs up while Hazel wasn't looking. He grabbed the phone, and took pictures of her bending over. As the flashes went off, I could see Hazel's extremely wet pussy and ass. Her dark skin glisten beautifully with their juices. Carl started to finger her, and took more pictures of his fingers going deep in her. He put the phone down, and dove his face between her ass cheeks and ate her out, and licked her ass. Hazel reached for the phone, and twisted her body to take pictures of him spreading her ass cheeks as his tongue circled her tight little rosebud. I couldn't wait to get those pictures.

Carl couldn't wait any longer, and he straighten up, knelt behind her, and slipped back into my wife. He held her thighs with both hands, and drove deep and hard into her. This lasted for a long-while, and I had to stop jerking my dick as I wanted to shoot my load during their climax. When I could see Carl moaning and breathing hard, I stated pumping my dick again.

"I'm about to cum!" He grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them as he drove in deep.

"Yes, cum in me again. I miss it so much." I could see Hazel's arms flex as she drove herself back into Carl with hard thumps, she wanted his juice in her bad, and she was about to blow her top too.

Carl grunted and his face contorted. Hazel's back arched as she was feeling his warm cum be deposited into her, and her own orgasm was climaxing. My wife had just let another man cum in her, all the while they were no more than 4 feet away from me. They pumped each other a few more times, and Carl reached for his phone while still inside of her. As he pulled out, he was snapping pictures.

Hazel's ass was pointed towards the side, but not exactly towards me. Carl moved almost in front of me, and pulled Hazel's ass towards him. Good man! I thought. Now I get a perfect view. At first Hazel just collapsed her torso, and her ass was shooting straight up, she was breathing hard. Then as she took deep breaths, a small white drop started to come out. Then I could tell she started pushing it out as she held her breath and her tight asshole spread and a big blob of cum dripped out of her swollen pussy and on to the bed. She pushed again, and a smaller drop came out of her pussy, and it fell into the bed, but left a long cum drop hanging on her clit. Carl couldn't help himself (and neither could I had I been right in front), and ate her out.

He licked her and his own cum for a minute.

Hazel wanted to clean herself up, and went to the bathroom after he was done licking her. Carl followed her to the bathroom, and as soon as he closed the door, he came running back in front of the closet. When I saw his huge smile, I opened the door. My cock was still out, and a cum drop was hanging off the tip. Carl looked down, and smiled, and gave me thumbs up. I pointed to the other side of the closet door, and he strained to look, but didn't see anything with the low light. He reached into the door, and smeared his fingers on the door, and pulled it away with a big glob of cum. His face was shocked. I don't know if it had just hit him that he was touching another man's cum, or the amount that I had shot. He wiped it on his bare leg and smiled. I put my dick away, and motioned to him that I was taking off. He nodded and went to the bathroom door.

"I hope I didn't cum too much this time, do you want any help with freshening up?" He held his hand up to motion for me to wait.

"Oh, how do you plan on freshening me up?"

"A shower massage and rub for starters." He looked over at me and gave me another thumbs up. I did a camera sign to tell him to keep taking pictures. He nodded and gave me a big smile as he open the door to the bath room. He walked in and closed the door behind him. I darted to the door and left.

I got back to my hotel room and jacked off again watching the video of them fucking! I could have stayed in the closet the whole night, but I might not have been able to stand up too long watching those two go at it.

I was super horny, and I needed to release all of my tension. Then a thought entered my mind. I emailed Carl to keep doing what they were going to do, but not to have anyone else join them, and keep telling her about how cool it would be if I was part of their sex encounters. I told him that we'll talk after she leaves, and to send me all of the pictures. I got dressed, packed, and headed back to Tampa.

The next day, I walked over to George and Amy's home to "talk" to George. George wasn't in, but Amy had just put the baby to sleep, and she let me in. She asked me if everything was ok. I told her I rather talk to George about it, since Hazel and she were close. This immediately raised her curiosity and told me that I could tell her whatever I wanted to tell her, and she wouldn't say a word.

"I can't. Its super personal, and I know you guys are very close. Besides, I need to show George some stuff that I don't think you'll be very comfortable seeing." I told her sitting down in their couch.

"Listen." She said as she sat close to me. "You can tell me anything. It will stay between us, and I won't say a word to anyone." She placed a hand on my knee.

"You promise? Some of this is going to be very deep, and I was looking to get some advice. Maybe vent a little."

"Tell me, it's between us. What were you going to ask, or show George?"

I took my phone out and turned it on. "You sure? There's some very graphic stuff here, and I wouldn't want you to look at us different. And I mean graphic."

"Oh Raul, I've seen some graphic shit before. Show me."

I opened up the photo album, and showed her two pictures of Hazel holding a dick. I went back and forth between the two. "What's wrong with this picture?"

Her mouth was open with shock, then she compose herself, and took the phone. She flipped back and forth. "These are two different penises."

"Exactly! I think she sent me those by mistake after I asked her to send me some sexy pictures we had taken, some are date stamped yesterday too. She was in Orlando in meetings yesterday. That's not me, and there are more."

She flipped over some more pictures of Hazel stroking and blowing. I pointed out which ones I was, and which ones were the mystery man.

"Well, you got a nice looking penis Raul, I gotta give you that." Amy said with a smile in her face.

"Thank you Amy, and you have a good looking...everything!" I did a wide gesture of her whole body. "I can only imagine of course."

Amy pinched my leg and smiled. She was getting to me eating her out, and someone fingering her. I stopped her.

"See that one. That's someone else's hand, the skin color is wrong, and I don't remember being in that room. Someone is currently screwing with my wife right now, and I'm just sitting here. My skin color is darker, even my torso that doesn't get that much sun is darker." I said as I pulled down the collar of my shirt to show her my bare chest.
Amy looked at me, and flipped through the pictures. "Are you sure though? How could she be so foolish as to send you these?"

"We send each other sexy pictures all of the time. She might have been sending him those pictures and accidentally put my email address, or picked the wrong ones to send me. Trust me, I'm just a bit shorter than that one, but I'm wider, and look at that smaller head." I pointed to the phone.

Amy put the phone closer to her face, then zoomed in with her fingers. "The head looks pretty good to me, and maybe it's you in a different angle."

"Amy, trust me, it's not me. I'll whip it out right now if I need to. That head is smaller, and it's smoother. Believe me."

"I want believe you..." She said cocking her head at the pictures. "But it could be the same Raul."

With that, I stood up and undid my belt and undid my shorts. My dick was bulging out of the boxer briefs. "If I pull it out, you promise you won't say anything to anyone?" She nodded.

"Even George? I don't want him to get the wrong idea. Plus, I'm sure he more than takes care of you, so you won't be tempted."

"Oh my fucking God, Raul, I won't tell anyone" she said wide eye and giving me a Hurry-up look. I pushed my boxers down, and my dick sprung out.

"See, it's wider and it's got more veins." I said while stroking it. Amy just kept nodding and looking. While I had her in a trance, I sized her up. She had a very similar build than Hazel, but she had the good ol Irish skin, so she was a little paler than most white chicks I had been with, but her soft brown hair pulled up in a ponytail made her look so innocent. I remembered that picture she had sent Hazel in her lingerie, and my dick twitched. "And see the head, it's bigger." She smiled.

"It is." I reached down for her hand, and placed it on my dick. "Yeah, I can see what you were talking about." She slowly started jerking it. We did that for an eternity, but more like 5-10 seconds.

She looked up at me, and our eyes met. I reached for her hair band, and pulled it off. Her semi-wet hair dropped to her sides, and I reached behind her head and leaned down to kiss her. We kissed gently, and I whispered "Just between you and I ok." I kissed her lightly again. "Yeah" she whispered back.

I stroke her cheek as I continued to kiss her, and drive my tongue into her mouth. She kept the intensity going, and pushed her tongue inside my mouth.

I pulled away, and stood back up. My hands were still around her head, and I slowly pulled her towards me, as I stood straight up. Her wanting eyes looked up at me, as her mouth spread open. I kept eye contact with her as her lips were spread from the head of my cock, and enveloped my shaft inch by inch. I was in freaking heaven. My little plan worked out perfectly. It also helped knowing that Amy was sexually frustrated, and George wouldn't be home for hours. I'll have to tell her the truth of those pictures later, but certainly not now.

Amy kept sucking me more and more. She stopped looking up at me, and moved her hands to my sides and pumped her head up and down my shaft, like she was wanted to swallow the whole thing. Her nose would get slightly covered by my pubic hair as she took me deep. I was amazed she did so well, it took Hazel a while to get used to my thick dick and big head going all the way in. She looked amazing, and I opened my camera app, and took several pictures. Amy looked up, and didn't stop. She had taken a sexy selfie before, so I think she was just comfortable with taking pictures. She left the head of my cock in her mouth as she reached up and stroke my dick. Now I get to take a picture of a beautiful woman giving me head while wearing the wedding ring another man had given her.

I pulled my shirt off, and let the shorts fall to my ankles. Amy pushed my boxer briefs down, and I was standing completely naked with my dick in her warm mouth. She pulled my dick out of her mouth, and reached down to grab her shirt. I stopped her, and reached down for her shirt.

As I pulled her shirt over her head, I could smell her shampoo and lavender soap, she smelled wonderful. I pulled her up, and pushed her shorts down, and she was standing there in her panties and bra. I reached around her waist and drew her closer to me as I leaned down to resume our making out. Her mouth was warm from taking me in.

We made out for a while, as Amy kept stroking my dick between us, and I explored her ass through her panties. They weren't the sexiest panties, but they were also not going to be on her very long either. I broke our kiss and spun her around so she was facing away from me. I reached around her and yanked her bra down so it slipped under the breast and I got two good handfuls of super soft titties. It was like they melted between my fingers. Having had a baby, Amy lost some of her firmness I imagine, but they made her tits perfect I thought.

She threw her head back, and I reached up and pulled her face to the side to almost face me, and I leaned forward to find her mouth with mine. We made out briefly while I played with her bare breast, and she pushed her ass back to my exposed dick. I turned her back to face me, and I went down to put a nipple in my mouth.

I sucked and lightly bit each nipple, and flicked with my tongue from time to time. She loved that, and was moaning. I reached down, and started rubbing her pussy mound through her panties. I could definitely feel the warm, and humid lips she was hiding under a thin layer of fabric. I moved her panties to the side, and I felt her moist pubic hair tickle my fingers as I rubbed my index and middle finger up and down, getting it coated with her juices. My lips and tongue loved her big nipples, and dark areolas in my mouth, but I wanted a taste of her juices.

I reached up in her back and undid her bra, and she let go of my head and pulled her arms off and tossed the bra on the couch. I sucked her nipple hard in my mouth and started standing up, taking her soft tit with me. When it was stretched, my suction released and her tit bounced down. That made me super hard. I was going to push her down to the couch, but instead took her hand "Which way Beautiful?"

She smiled, and looked towards her master bedroom. She looked back at me, and gave me a wicked smile, and started walking towards it. My eyes were glued to her beautiful ass swaying in front of me with each step. When we got in front of the bed, I took charge again. I figured she liked a man that takes charge and lust for her since she was feeling sexually neglected from George.

I pulled her towards me, and I planted a huge kiss on moist lips, and squeezed her tit. She moaned, and bit my lower lip as I pushed her on the bed. She landed on her sweet ass, and bounced those delicious boobs up and down as she smiled seductively to me. I stroke my dick as I continued to see her. "You're one hot woman Amy!"

Just then I remembered my trusty phone, and gave her one finger, and went back to the living room to grab my phone, and my shirt. I went back to the room, and Amy was pushing the extra pillows off the bed. I pulled the phone out, and took some pictures of her laying on the bed with just her panties. She started playing with her tits, as I stoke my dick and took pictures.

We continued to take pictures of her slowly playing with herself, and when she got to her panties, I told her not to take them off, but pull them to the side and get a few fingers inside of her. She followed directions and was working up to an orgasm. I got on the bed, and handed the phone to her as I reached for the hem of her panties and started pulling them towards me.

Amy started taking pictures of me pulling her panties past her knees and completely off her. I threw the panties off the side, and looked down in her red, puffy pussy lips. Her bush had a light color, and was a bit wild, but I love bush against my nose as I lick a sweet honey pot.

I leaned down, and got on my elbows and started inching forward. I could hear the camera taking pictures from time to time, as my eager mouth got closer and closer to her moisten bush, and when I eventually stuck out my tongue and gave her a long lick of her lips as her pubic hair tickled my nose and lips.

Her sweet womanhood tasted delicious, and wonderful smells filled my nose with each breath I took as my mouth surrounded her and my tongue licked her lips apart and I could feel every soft and slippery fold of her pussy. My hands were holding onto her soft thighs and pushing myself towards her, then I reached up towards her wonderful chest. Her breast sagged towards the side, and I grabbed both on each hand, and massaged them. Her nipples were huge, not sure if it was from breastfeeding, or she was blessed to always have swollen, perky nipples.

Amy had put the phone to the side, and was combing my hair as I ate her out and squeezed and pinched her nipples. I was going to reach down and put some fingers in her, but I wanted to feel every inch of her in what I was about to do next.

I raised my head up and started kissing her bush, then soft tummy as I was inching my way up, kiss by lush kiss on her bare body. I got to her breast, and took another dark, puffy, erect nipple between my lips and flicked each with my tongue. I finally got to Amy's eager mouth, and we made out, as her legs spread more to allow me to get my hips closer to her.

We continued to make out, until my dick head laid on top of her very moist bush. I looked in her lustful eyes, and I didn't want to be anywhere on earth but in that spot, slowly positioning my dick to her entrance, and slowly pushing in just barely, and pulling out, making sure I was completely covered with her juices and my own saliva. I slowly pushed the head in, and I penetrated her. Amy, a married woman to a man I considered my friend, was allowing me to enter her in a forbidden way. After my head was in, inching the rest of my shaft was a lot easier. Her entire pussy enveloped my dick, and I could feel pressure from every side.

"My God Amy, you're tight. I can feel every inch of you. You're so hot and wet." I said in a low, rough voice. I was fighting my desire to drive into her and fuck her brains out that very second, she had me in heaven and I wanted her badly.

She must have picked up in my desire, and she groaned back "Baby you're so big, I can feel every single inch of you stretching me out. Feel me, get deep inside of me." She put her arms around the back of my neck and bucked her hips up, driving me deeper, and pushing my head back down to kiss her.

I pushed all the way in, and her cool inner thighs felt wonderful as I pushed them with my legs to spread her even more. I was so deep, and she was so tight. I wondered if George was either smaller, not as wide, and/or hadn't been inside of this porcelain beauty in a long time.

We picked up the rhythm, and eventually I flipped her over. Amy and George didn't have any mirrors in their bedroom, but I still took pictures of Amy bending over in front of me, and was taking me deep with each thrust. With the daylight, I could see every inch of her, and ever ripple in her smooth skin as our bodies smashed together with each push. I changed the setting on my phone, and started taking a video of her wonderful white ass giggling as my hips smacked into her, even her stretch marks made me even harder and lust over her. I moved the phone to the side to it could catch Amy's hanging tits flop around as I fucked her. Her saggy tits almost smacked her face as she lowered her head to see my balls smack into her clit. I put the phone down and with each hand I grabbed her ass cheeks and I spread them.

Amy's little butthole looked tempting moving back and forth. It was darker than her smooth fair skin, and the little ridges just begged for me to play with it. With my right thumb I started to circle it, and feel every ridge and a bit of pubic hair surrounding it. My friend Julie told me years ago that if a girl lets you stick a finger in her ass, then she'll be down for anal. Hazel and several ex-girlfriends had proven that right, and of course Julie was the first to prove that right as she was my friends-with-benefits, and we experimented with each other, honing our sexual skills.

I continued to squeeze Amy's ass as I thrust into her, and I started pressuring my thumb into her rosebud. Amy turned her head towards me, but didn't turn her whole head, it was more like a "what are you doing back there?" head gesture. I pushed myself deeper in her, and spread her ass cheeks and squeezed her soft ass a bit harder. My thumb went in, and I could feel the pressure of her opening on my thumb. Amy looked forward again, and pushed herself back towards me, and the smacks of our bodies got louder. I continued to thumb her ass in and out, and picked up my rhythm as I drove my dick in and out of her.

I took my thumb out, and pulled her ass to me. I smacked her ass with my hips as I fucked her hard, and my balls bounced back more on her clit while I thrust forward. This was getting too hot, and I wanted to kiss her, lick her, and feel her warm skin on my face. I pulled out, grabbed the phone and took pictures of her wet, matted pubic hair. I loved the sight of her round ass bent over, exposing her dark pussy lips and darker ass rosebud.

I pushed her to the side, and she got on her back again. I put my hands behind her knees and around her thighs and pulled her towards me. She spread her legs wide to give me access to do as I pleased with her beautiful body. She was sweating, and her chest glistened, and some of her hair was stuck on her face from the perspiration in her forehead. Amy looked absolutely ravaged, and I wasn't done with our love session.

"Are you in the pill my doll?" I asked her as I reached for my shirt and dabbed my forehead to get some sweat off.

Amy smiled while she arched her back and stretched her arms above her. "I am" she said slowly and almost with a growl.

I pushed her knees to each side, and spread her more. My eager dick was getting cold, and wanted to be inside her warm love canal. As I lay on her, and felt her cool skin on mine, my dick found the entrance without effort, and slipped back in. It was heavenly and I put my face next to hers, and leaned down to kiss and suck on her neck as I started thrusting in and out again.

She wrapped her arms around my back as I put my elbows next to her shoulders and grabbed her head. I pushed her head down as I drove into her, over and over again. My thrust got stronger, and I pushed my hips down so my pubic hair brushed her clit with each thrust. She moaned more and more as her fingers dug into my back. She started kissing my shoulder and neck with incredible passion, she was getting closer to climaxing, and so was I.

Amy's hips were being pushed up in rhythm with me driving deep into her. "Oh God Raul, keep fucking me, I'm getting closer." She said with a raised voice. This was certainly getting me going, and I felt a sudden increase in temperature surrounding my dick, her pussy was getting ready to orgasm.

"My God Amy, you're so fucking wet. I'm going to cum deep in you."

She drove her nails into my back, and wrapped her legs around my hips and locked her feet above my ass cheeks. Her legs flexed and helped her raise her hips to meet my thrust with hard pounds. My mind went crazy, and my toes started tingling. My breathing was fast, and Amy matched my breathing as her body was starting to flex. "Oh shit! I'm gonna cum" I groaned between my breaths.

Amy took deeper and faster breaths. "Cum in me!" She almost yelled. "I'm cumming!" She squeezed my hips and thrust her hips up. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!! Fuck! Oh fuck!!"

I could feel her body tighten up, and as my dick pumped cum into Amy, she held my hips tight with her legs. Her pussy throbbed and squeezed my dick with each spasm in her orgasm. The intense pleasure was magnified by the heat of my dick in her hot pussy, and the warm cum get powerfully squirted in her. I held Amy tight on top of her, and her body did quick spasms as she put her legs down and let the pleasure wash over her body.

After a few seconds, I looked up and made out with Amy. My dick was still inside of her, and her arms were still around my back and we made out. We broke the kiss and looked in each other's eyes as we started to smile and laugh joyfully.

"It's been a long while since I came like that." I wasn't lying either. Ever since I found out about Hazel's affair, our sex hadn't been the exactly same.

"Me neither, I've needed a fuck like that for a long time." She reached up to get some of her hair out of her face. "You came so much! Poor baby, you've really needed a release. I could feel your streams get squirted inside of me."

I reached for my phone as I got off of her. I pulled out slowly, and leaned back to get a good angle to the wonderful sight I was about to behold. Amy sat up, and stretched her head forward to see it herself. Though her skin is very white, her pussy lips were red and swollen, so you could really tell when the first stream of cum started dripping out of her and down to her asshole, my camera started clicking with pictures, and she looked up and smiled. I made sure to get her whole body and face in the picture, showing her smiling as my cum dripped out of her. She took a deep breath and pushed the rest of the cum out, it flowed out of her. I didn't realize I had cum so much in her. I really did need a release like that! My semen lay in the bed in a little cum-puddle under her butt.

I grabbed my shirt and started to clean her. I didn't care if I was getting my cum and her woman juices all over it, I'll wear that shirt with joy remembering what we had just done. She lay back down and let me clean her. I know Hazel appreciates this, so I figured that Amy would enjoy it too. After I was done, I leaned down to give her love mound a few gentle kisses. Before I touched her flesh, I could feel the heat radiating off of her, and the incredible smell of sex. I lay my lips on her pussy lips and I kissed her. Her moist bush hairs brushed my chin and nose, and I took the wonderful smell. I gave her a few light kisses, and I lay down with her.

We laid together, and talked about our affair. I told her we would definitely need to do this again. I reached for my phone, and asked her for her email. I entered it in, and I sent her all of the pictures we had taken. She thanked me, and I asked her to send me sexy pictures to me periodically when she had the chance. Amy then asked me if I could also send her the pictures of Hazel and I. She said that we were a hot couple, and those pictures turned her on. She always knew Hazel was beautiful, but she had not realized how hot she was under her clothes. I, of course, sent them to her.

Amy got up from the bed and went to the dresser. She grabbed her laptop, and jumped back in bed. I could see that beautiful woman run naked all day. She opened up some folders in her computer, and then she showed me a folder with about a dozen pictures.

"These are of George and I. You want to see them?" Of course I did! She turned her laptop to me to get a better look. There were only 10 or so, but it was a slightly younger Amy with shorter hair. She was wearing lingerie on some pictures, then naked in some others, her tits were a bit firmer, and her hips were narrower, so I figured these might be early on in their marriage or while they were dating.

"I like what I see. Are these the only ones?" I asked her as I clicked through the pictures.

"Yeah, George and I just have quickies now." There was a bit of sadness in her tone.

I looked over at her, and kissed her shoulder. "I can help with that now, you can count on that." She smiled and leaned down to kiss me.

"I'm not sure what the hell is wrong with your husband. You are incredible hot, and from these pictures, George is pretty good size, you would think you two would be fucking all of the time." George did have a decent size dick. He might be slightly longer than mine, just like Carl, but my dick would still stretch Amy more, and the big head rubbed her g-spot perfectly. I was proud of my dick.
"His career got in the way, and he's definitely gotten out of shape." I looked again, and George did change a lot from what he looked like, dumb bastard. "I basically have to jump him now. He loves blow jobs, but it's damm near impossible to get him to go down on me."

Amy and I agreed to send each other pictures, and I told her that our little affair made me see Hazel in a completely different way. I told her it would definitely be a good idea to have her and Hazel at the same time. Amy laughed and thought that she would have said that would never happen before, but it might be a possibility now after knowing Hazel was having an affair. I also flipped through the pictures on my phone, and told her that I entertain the idea of this mystery guy joining in. It really turned me on to see her with another man, she thought the idea was devious and hot. I told her we might have to see if we could get George in the fun, she was doubtful, but it we could, that would be a lot of fun as well.

I left Amy's house, and walked back to my house. I checked my email, and Carl had sent me the rest of the pictures of the night they had yesterday after I left. There were pictures of them in the bathroom mirror, Hazel letting him grab and play with her tits from behind. And of her taking the picture while he was still behind her looking down and was doing something to her ass, and of her bending over as Carl was obviously slipping into her. Carl took some other pictures of Hazel sitting up on the counter and her legs spread allowing Carl to get between them. There were also other pictures of Carl eating Hazel as she sat on the bathroom counter.

Carl said they continue their fun in the shower, but he couldn't take pictures, but would tell me all about it.

I did end up getting the details of the rest of their night, and how the gym clothes worked perfectly and she walked back to her room without a problem in the morning. I told Carl that I had seduced one of Hazel's friends, and he thought that was amazing. I asked him if he could change his flight back to Sunday, and he said he was already planning on staying the weekend in Orlando to go and see the space center. I told him good, and that I would call him back. I had a plan.

I sent an email to Amy asking her to give me a call when she had the chance, and that I was hoping to have a cook out Saturday.

When Amy called me, she was curious, and I told her I was going to see if Hazel could invite her co-worker, and how I had figured out the mystery man was Carl, she said the chances were good that it was him from what I told her, and asked me what the plan was. I told her I would drive up to Orlando on Friday, and "confront" Carl but not scare him away. I would try to see if he'd some Saturday, and see what happened during the cookout. She was nervous, but relaxed when I said it would be good, and nothing bad would happen to anyone.

"Ballsy, I like it. I'll tell George about the cookout. Do you need me to do anything?"

"Just get a babysitter for the entire night, and get yourself as dolled up, well, as dolled up for a cookout. I can't wait to see you again."

"Consider it done, Love."

I talked to Carl and told him what my plan/goal was, he sounded excited. I then called Hazel, and told her of the cookout I was planning, and that I was going to drive up to Orlando to meet her Friday night to have dinner and drinks with her. She hesitated for a second, but said that sounded wonderful. I'm not sure what she planned for the night in Orlando, but I had just messed it up. I smiled at the thought of how much she'd liked the adventure I had in store for her, and it got me very turned on.

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