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A Cuckold Prescription

by Gary

08/18/2016 04:15 in interracial

My name is Sidney and my wife Brittney and I are both 28 years old. We are happily married. We wed 6 years ago. I met Brittney in college in our junior year. Back then Brittney wore nerdy glasses and was about 40 pounds overweight. I was also chubby and had an early receding hairline. We were a good match, at least in the looks department. After college we got married and settled down. Brittney wore contacts and dropped all her extra weight. She was transformed into quite a knockout. I stayed about the same. We now look odd together to many people. Here I am this bashful less that attractive guy with this hot wife.

Our married life is mostly good. I work as a Real Estate Agent, Brittney is taking graduate classes and has a part time cleaning business. I bounced around at two different agencies until I started working for Mr. Williams. He is an older fellow and treats me well. it's like family at the office, all of us get along, all of us except Roger. Roger is the top alpha dog salesman. He always brings in the most money and he makes sure everyone knows about it. Roger believes he and I are buddies. Probably because I am the only one who doesn't talk back to him when starts with his bravado. I need this job and Roger has the reputation of running out salespeople he does not like. I just go with the flow.

Roger is quite the womanizer. He is always talking about his conquests. When he tells me this stuff I just listen and nod my head. After class sometimes Brittney will stop by and visit me at the office. Roger is quite smitten with Brittney. If Roger is there during one of my wife's visits, Roger will get right in the conversation and will not leave until Brittney does. This really annoys me but again I need this job so why rock the boat.

We have two office personnel. One is Becky, Mr. Williams wife. She is the office manager and works part time until 2PM. Carmen comes in then and stays until the office closes at 6PM. Carmen is pregnant and gave notice of taking a leave of absence. Word got around the office they needed a temporary replacement and Mrs. Williams would interview candidates the following week.

"That would be perfect!" Brittney said. "We will get to see each other more and I can make some extra money. Plus it also gives me the time to find a real job and put this degree to work!"

Brittney came to the office on Monday and waited in the reception area to interview with Mrs. Williams. A little later I noticed Mrs. Williams was chatting with my wife in her office. Roger sees me and rushes over.

"Sid, what is your wife doing taking, with the bosses wife?" Asked Roger.

"She is applying for that office opening." I replied.

"That would be awesome dude if she worked here." Roger explained. "I would have a nice little hotty to chase around."

"That is my wife!" I scolded.

"Dude, lighten up man. I am just joking." replied Roger. "I would never make the moves on your old lady."

Just then Brittney entered my office.

"There is the little Mrs. Hotty now!" Roger whaled. "We were just talking about you."

"Well anyways." Brittney said in a flustered voice. "Sidney Mrs. Williams said she will let me know by Wednesday. She says the job is mine, but she needs to do though the motions and do the rest of the interviews she has scheduled."

"That is good news, baby." I said

"Yes, really, really good news!" Roger added.

"Well, I have to run, see you tonight!" Brittney told me.

She gave me a quick kiss and headed for the door.

"No kiss for me?" Roger asked her.

Brittney just shook her and as she walked away.

On Wednesday Brittney got the call and was hired. The next afternoon she began training for the job. Carmen had only two days left and there was a lot to go over. Every chance he could, Roger would be up at the front desk flirting with my wife. At first it made me angry, but I just got used to it. We were both worked here now, and we did need the money.

I explained earlier that our marriage was good for the most part, there was one issue. Our sex life, or should I say lack of one. You see I have several medical issues. I have type 1 diabetes, high blood pressure and other maladies. All the medications I have to take have had a profound effect on my libido. When I first met Brittany and for two years after we were married I was able to overcome it with shear determination. I know I was not the best lover in the world but Brittney seemed to be satisfied. The last few years it's been quite a struggle to even get an erection. I can't take ED medication because counteract with all the pills I have to take. We have tried all kinds of remedies but to no avail. Brittney puts on a good face, but I know deep down she wishes I could at least satisfy her like before. All of this stuff also makes it impossible to have children. At least we don't need to use condoms!

Brittney settled in on her new job. It was nice getting to see her at the office. Brittney got the hang of things right away. Roger kept flirting with her but Brittney was able to brush him off. One evening at home my wife wanted to speak to me about something.

"Roger was taking to me today, and he mentioned that he was looking for someone to clean up his house." She explained. "He is having the guys over Sunday for the big game and it's a big disaster right now. I told him I have the cleaning business and I would be happy to do it if it's ok with you. He will pay me $150 for four hours of work."

I paused. He was so bold and brazen with my wife at the office, what would he do with the freedom of being alone with her at his house? I began to feel real nervous.

Suddenly I felt this awakening in my pants. My cock was starting to stiffen up. This was impossible I thought why now?

"I suppose it would be alright." I stammered a bit. "We could use the money, and I am sure he would not really try anything with you."

"Thanks you baby!" my wife said. "Don't worry, I will keep him in check."

It was now Saturday afternoon. My wife was supposed to go over to Rogers house around two. She was getting dressed and combing her hair. She put on a snug pair of stretch pants and a tank top that was low cut. Her ample cleavage was on display.

"You are wearing that, to clean Rogers house?" I said as my voice crackled.

"Yes, it's comfortable." My wife explained. "Plus I am going to push Roger for a nice tip. This outfit can't hurt."

I thought about my wife parading around Rogers house with her sexy body on display. Once again I felt my cock getting hard. Was there something about all this that turned me on? Surely the thought of Roger coming on to my wife disgusted me, yet here I was getting an erection by it at the same time.

"It's fine baby." I said. "Just be careful with that brute."

"I will, I promise." She replied. "See you in a few hours."

She left and closed the door. I sat there on the couch. What if he comes on to her. What if she accepts? I knew I was not taking care of her in the bedroom, she has needs. All this raced through my head. By now my cock was rock hard. I could not even remember that last time that happened. I began to jerk off. Faster and faster until I came all over the couch. It was amazing, I felt like a man once again. I quickly cleaned up all my jizz that was everywhere and poured a bowl of cereal.

A little after 6 my wife came home. She looked a little tired and had her tank top tied up in the front, exposing her flat abdomen. Interesting, I thought.

"Well, how did it go?" I sighed., fearing the worst.

"It went great!" she said. "I got a $50 tip. I am going back in two weeks. Roger behaved himself for the most part."

"For the most part?" I queried.

"He was leering at me the whole time." She explained. "But besides a few inappropriate touches, he was fine."

I thought, a few inappropriate touches? My cock stiffened again.

"Where did he touch you?" I asked sheepishly.

"Well." She took a deep breath. "He was drunk when I got there He must have had at least a six pack or more. He slapped and grabbed my ass two or three times, brushed his arm against my boobs and."

She stopped.

"And?" I asked

"I think it was an accident." My wife replied. "I was in the pantry, it's a tight space. He came inside to grab some chips and brushed against me. I could feel his, you know thingy against me."

"That's it!" I said furiously. "He has crossed the line one too many times! I am calling him right now!"

"Hold on baby!" My wife screamed.

She grabbed me before I could get my phone. My bulge in my pants brushed up against her side.

"What the?" She said. "You are hard as a rock. Why didn't you tell me, lets get to bed."

We fucked for about 45 minutes. It was perhaps the greatest sex we had ever had. My wife came twice. We were both totally exhausted..

"What in the world brought that on?" She asked. "Did you take one of those little pills,? You know the Doctor warned you that you could have a stroke doing that."

"No I did not take anything." I explained. "You just looked so sexy when you came in the door, especially with that shirt tied up in the front, you just made me crazy."

She just smiled at me and well fell asleep. It was true she did look great in that shirt. But of course there was more, but I could never possibly explain it to her.

The next two nights we fucked like animals. After that my ED came back, and the sex stopped. Two Saturdays later she again was getting ready for her cleaning job with Roger. She wore the same tank top, but this time wore cut off shorts. They were even sexier than those stretch pants. My cock began to awaken at the thought of her in those shorts in front of Roger.

"You look very sexy." I said

"Well Roger paid me $200 last time so I hope there's a good tip again this time." She said. "And a repeat performance when I get home, tiger."

She reached down and felt my Johnson.

"Oh my gosh!" She screamed. "I am going to get back as soon as I can. And I want you to know that I talked to Roger on Friday that when I come over to clean he needs to keep his hands to himself, he agreed."

Off she went to Rogers house. I was hard and masturbated to the thought of her alone with him. I figured Roger would agree to anything just to get her in the door. I did not understand why all this had such an effect on me, but at this point I was happy that anything worked.

She came home on time just like before. She gave me a big hug. She grabbed my crotch, I was soft.

"Nothing yet?" She asked.

"How did it go?" I asked.

"It was good, but he is such an animal." She said. "He promised to behave but he was actually even worse than the first time. But I did get a even bigger tip!'

I gulped. Once again my erection came back.

"What did he do this time?"

"Well, do you promise you are not going to get mad and call him?" She asked me.

"I promise."

"Well he was drunk again, perhaps even more than the first time." She said. "There were beer cans everywhere. The house was really a mess. Roger is a big slob. He kept telling me how beautiful I was, how sexy. He said how much he wanted to fuck me."

Hearing that was too much, I ran for my phone. Once again, Brittney stopped me. And she felt my hardening prick. She gave me that look.

"Let's go to bed, but before we fuck you have to tell me what happened." I said.

"If you insist" My sexy wife said.

We got into bed, got undressed and she began to fondle my cock that was at half staff. I pulled her hand away.

"Tell me what happened first." I demanded,

"When I arrived at the house, he came to the door in just a towel, a very small towel that barely covered his weenie." She said. "He said he was running late and just took a shower. When he walked away from the door I could see his bare ass."

She looked down at my cock and I was hard as a rock.

"Baby, look at you!" Brittney screamed.

"Just tell me the rest of what happened." I demanded.

"Well I began cleaning up the living room. He came back out in these little speedo type shorts. His package was just out there in them. I tried to avoid looking anywhere near there because I did not want to give him that satisfaction that I was checking him out. I asked him to put on more clothes but he said he was going in the pool. He would go swimming for a while then come back in and leer at me. I thought at least while he was swimming he was he was leaving me alone. He asked me to join him in the pool. I told him I did not bring my bikini. He said next time bring it."

"That was it?" I asked

"He slapped my ass a couple times and told me if I was single we would be fucking by now." Brittney said. "I know we need the money so for a little indignation I will just have to keep dealing with it."

"You mean you are going back again?" I replied

"We made a deal that I would come once a week, for two hours." My wife explained. "That way it will not be such a chore to clean up. Plus next time I can go swimming if that is ok with you?"

"Swimming with Roger?" I said. "Is that a good idea?"

"I can keep him under control." She said. "I get so overheated after the housecleaning, a dip in the pool sounds so inviting. Plus I will wear my one piece granny swim suit."

I was still rock hard. All of this was very stimulating, I just did not understand why. My wife looked at me and smiled. She got on top of me and we had terrific sex once again. Once again the next couple nights were good, then my penis went back into hibernation.

The following Saturday my wife was getting dressed for her work at Rogers house. She came out of the bathroom naked. She looked great, very sexy. But my dick stayed soft. She put her larger bikini as promised. She pulled up the bikini and it ripped on one side.

"Damn it!" She exclaimed. "Now I have to wear the other one."

The other bikini she had is much smaller, much sexier. My dick began to harden thinking about her in the pool with Roger wearing such a tiny outfit.

"Should you be wearing that around him?" I stammered.

"I will just have a towel around me, then jump in the water, he won't see much." She explained.

She got into her cleaning attire and went off to Rogers. Just like clockwork she was back a little after 6. She was quite sunburned.

"Baby, you are so red!" I exclaimed.

"I ended up swimming more than cleaning." Brittney replied. "I guess I did not realize how strong the sun was."

Brittney got out of her work clothes and took off her bikini top. Her back was facing me.

"No tan lines?" I said in horror. "Were you topless with Roger?"

"No baby, nothing like that." She replied. "I laid on my stomach and undid my top. Roger did not see my bobbies, Not that he did not try."

Once again all of this had a profound effect on my little man. I was hard as a rock. Brittney noticed, and we rushed off to bed. Afterwards she had a concerned look on her face.

"Baby, this may sound silly." She started. "But it seems you only get erections after I have been over at Rogers place.. Are you getting off on this?"

I just laid there quietly for a bit. I was not sure what to say. I did not want to have to tell her the truth. But by now it was pretty obvious what was happening.

"I don't know why, Brittney." I began. "But, you being alone with Roger and all the things that have gone on, really does something to my penis. I am really ashamed by it."

"Wow, I thought so after the first time." She responded. "but it seemed too impossible." "So does this mean I have to be spending time alone with Roger at least once a week so we can have sex?"

"I don't know." I said "I surely hope not."

The summer wore on. Brittney went to Rogers house each Saturday. She would come home and we would have sex. But each week I was a little less aroused. I guess I was getting used to her time with Roger and the excitement was wearing off.

The next week Roger was talking non stop about his birthday coming up. This was so annoying. He expected everyone to get him something. His birthday was going to be on that Friday. A few times I overheard him talking to Brittney about her birthday gift to him. She would always just shake her head.

Wednesday evening, I decided to ask her what he was talking about.

"I don't think I should tell you,." She said. "I don't think you will want to hear it."

Now my curiosity was peaked. I had to know.

"it's ok, I can handle it." I said.

"He wants me to come to his house for a birthday party Friday night." She said. "He wants to go skinning dipping in his pool that night with me He said you are welcome to come too, so that you will know nothing bad is going on."

There was no way I was going to let her do that.

"Baby, look at your cock." She said in amazement.

It was rock hard again, just like the first time she cleaned Rogers house. Seemed like this new situation brought me out of my recent slump.

We fucked for almost an hour. After she brought up the birthday party again.

"He will pay me to be there, just like the house cleaning." My wife said. "And it will be at night, so we can have the pool lights off and he won't see much of anything."

"You are really want to do this?" I said

"We can use the money." She said. "Remember this is the last week I am working at the office."

She was right, Carmen ended up taking a couple extra months off but now she was ready to come back. The part time office work along with Roger's cleaning money was almost like having a full time job. Plus if she says no to Roger he might not want her to clean anymore, we needed his money more than ever.

"As long as I can come and he behaves himself." I said. "I guess it's fine."

My wife smiled and gave me a big hug.

It was Friday night, and we went over to Rogers place. He had a big ranch style home with the pool in the back. He had a man cave and even a round red bed in his bedroom. Roger was wearing his little speedo swim shorts like Brittney had described before. He had a beer in his hand. He went to the fridge and handed each of us a cold one. We followed him to the backyard.

"Let's jump in" Roger yelled.

He cannonball into the water. When he surfaced he had his speedos in his hand.

"Free at last!" He shouted. "Now it's both of your turns!"

"I don't swim." I explained. "I never learned. I will just sit here."

I pulled up a chair near the pool and sat down.

Brittney got out of her jeans and tee-shirt. She had her bikini underneath. She walked in the pool from the shallow in. She walked out until the water was up to her neck. She turned away from Roger and undid her top. She laid it on the side of the pool. Then she slipped down her bottoms and did the same. Roger was watching her intently. I was hard as I had ever been.

"Happy Birthday to me!" Roger yelped.

"Happy Birthday Roger." Brittney replied

"Well at least give me a birthday hug." Roger asked. "Come over here."

Brittney was taken back a bit by the request. I was watching intently. She looked over at me for approval. Roger was also staring at me at that point. I nodded in agreement.

My beautiful wife, totally nude in the pool with the office jerk, was now waking over to him. He reached his hands out and they embraced. Both nude bodies touching each other.

"Hey!" Brittney screamed.

"Sorry." Roger replied.

"Keep that thing under control." She scorned.

"It was an accident, I did not mean to touch you with it." Roger said.

Brittney swam away from him and began paddling about.

The evening wore on. Roger kept the drinks flowing. Brittney does not usually drink that much. After a time she was completely hammered. Her resistance was lowering to his advances. They were playing Marco Polo and other games in the pool. All seemed to include Roger trying to grope my wife. Both were laughing and having fun. They seemed to forget I was there. At times Roger would get out to use the can. He would stay nude and just cover his penis with his hand. At first my wife would look away when he did this, but the alcohol made her bolder and she would watch him come and go from the pool. One time he had three beers in his hand and did not cover up. His large schlong bounced up and down as he walked. Brittney kept her eyes on him the whole time. When my wife would get out she would put her bottoms on and cover her boobs with her hands. It was a very sexy sight for both Roger and myself.
My wife was swimming and let out a scream.

"What happened." asked Roger

"I wrenched my back the other day doing a cleaning job." Brittney explained. "It's an old injury that flares up from time to time."

"You know I used to be a massage therapist." Roger smirked.

"Yeah sure, I believe that." Brittney retorted.

"I am serious. I went to school, got my license. I even have a table upstairs." Roger said. "Just ended up in real estate because the money is better."

"I remember seeing the table when I was cleaning up stairs but, I did not know what it was." Brittney countered.

"Come on, lets go upstairs." Roger stated. "I can get you feeling better in no time."

Brittney looked over at me. I nodded in agreement.

"Well, put your shorts on big boy first." Britney said.

Roger begrudgingly complied.

We all lumbered up the stairs. He had a room set up it seemed just for massages. Roger got out the table. It looked very professional and on the up and up. He heated up some oils on this thing on top of the dresser. He handed Brittney a towel.

"Go ahead and get out of the bikini." Roger ordered. "Lay down face first on the table and put the towel over you. I will be back in ten minutes."

Roger left the room and closed the door. Brittney undressed and got on the table. I covered her with the towel. It was a small towel, just enough to cover her ass. The lights were down low, soft music was playing. It was very relaxing I had to admit. Roger did not seem like such a bad guy at this moment. He was a little less of a jerk away from the office.

Roger returned and removed the bottles of oil from the heater machine.

He began to massage Brittney's neck and shoulders and down her back. Then he worked her legs down to her feet. She seemed to enjoy it.

"You are very talented at massage." She told him.

"it's nice to get a chance to apply my skills." He said.

He massaged her feet and calves. He lifted up her left leg, did the massage and put the leg down, but a little wider than it was before. He did the same with the right one. Her legs were new spread several inches farther apart. He worked his way up her calves and outer thighs. Then slowly up her inner thighs. Her breathing deepened. She was starting to get turned on. He went pretty far up but stopped before he got to her vagina. He started on her back again and she calmed down. He worked down to where the towel was.

"I need to massage your glutes to get a full effect from this treatment." He explained. "I can turn the lights down very low, so not much will be visible."

"I guess so if you turn the lights down." Brittney replied.

Roger turned the lights down to the point where it was almost dark in there. He began on her back again and worked down to a spot on her back just about her ass crack. This was probably the most erotic spot for her outside of her vagina. She began moaning out load and squirming around. Roger removed the towel and started to massage her ass. She was clearly getting excited from his touch. He would massage her ass with one hand and that spot above her ass with the other. She was trembling with delight.

"Time to turn over." He told her.

He held the towel over her and placed it over her privates. Her ample boobs were exposed. The alcohol and excitement from the massage seemed to make her not realize she was topless. Or perhaps at this point she just did not care. He began on her legs. Working the thighs, calves and feet. Then he worked her stomach working down past her belly button and to where the towel was. She began to breathe heavier once again. Her moved down the towel so it just barely covered her clit. She got more and more excited.

"Would you like your breasts massaged?" He asked.

"Ok." She quickly replied.

This time she did not ask me if it was ok. She wanted it.

I was sitting there rubbing my cock through my shorts the whole time. I felt like I would explode any minutes from this.

He poured oil all over her tits. She squirmed. He began to rub the oil into her breasts with extra attention to her nipples. He would pull on them. She was loving it. After a while he worked his way again down her stomach and towards her clit. He removed the towel and spread her legs. He began working all around her pussy. He was careful to go all around it be did not touch it. He had one hand down below and the other pinching her nipples.

"Brittney." He said softly as he continued the massage. "I am going to give you a toy. It something I use with married female clients who want to climax but do not want to feel like they are cheating on their spouse."

"What is it" Brittney said in a sexy voice, she could hardly speak.

"A vibrating sex toy." Roger said. "I think you will enjoy it."

Roger broke from the massage and went into a drawer. He took out this bag. He opened it and inside there was a rather large dildo. He opened the end and put in two batteries. He flipped it on and I heard a low buzz. Then shut it off.

He put on the massage table and went back to work. He rubbed all around my wife's most private spot. Occasionally brushing the top of her clit. His other hand went back to work on tugging on her nipples.

"Brittney?" Roger whispered. "Ready for the toy?"

"Yes." She moaned

"You are going to have to do this yourself. Roger explained. "I will help you guide it in, but you will have to do the work.."

Roger took my wife's hand and put in on the toy. He guided it towards her pussy. He slowly massaged the outside of her opening with it. She was getting real close to having an orgasm. Then he started pushing it inside her. In and out An inch at a time.

"It's so big." She moaned with delight.

"It's custom made." Roger explained. "This toy is a replica of my own cock. The exact size and width I had several of them made for me."

That was it for me, I came in my shorts. My wife was feeling exactly would it would feel like to be fucked by Roger. And she was loving it. She took over and was pumping in and out with his fake cock. She was moaning out of control. Then he hit the button, and the vibrator came on. Instantly my wife came violently. He turned it off.

"Don't stop." My wife screamed. "Fuck me with that thing Roger."

Roger began fucking her himself with his fake cock. Slowly increased the speed and depth of the strokes. I was hard once again. My head was swirling around. He was not really having sex with her, was he? The only thing touching her was his toy cock. It was so erotic, so crazy. He turned the vibrator back on. Her moans got deeper. Once again she had another powerful orgasm. She was spent.

"Oh, thank you Roger." She moaned.

He slowly extracted his toy cock from her pussy. She laid there on his massage table, her legs spread open. Her juices flowing out of her. Roger raised the lights a little. She was such a sexy sight.

That night we came home and fucked like animals. The next two nights too. Like before my sexual energy began to wane. Two weeks went by, Each week Brittney would go on Saturdays and clean Rogers house. She would come home and we would fuck. The sexual energy was diminishing like before. We needed another spark and Roger would provide it.

Brittney got a text

"Roger invited us over for a movie party." Brittney explained. "He just got this huge big screen."

"Roger texts you?" I wondered.

"Once in a while he does." She said. "He is such a flirt."

My member came to attention. This was something new, I could only imagine what he was saying to her.

"Can I see his texts?" I asked.

"I always delete them right away." She said. "He can be a little wild, especially when he is drinking. You would probably not like them."

With this I was hard as a rock. Brittney and I enjoyed some amazing sex. As I laid in bed I wondered. Would Brittney exaggerate things with her and Roger just to get me turned on? The line between fantasy and reality was getting blurry.

The evening of the movie party came and Brittney was getting ready. Brittney put on this new dress I had never seen her in before. It was low cut in the front and very short. She put on some heels and looked amazing.

"Roger bought me the dress." She said. "What do you think. He says with my body I should be showing it off more."

"I don't know about him buying you sexy clothes." I replied. "That just seems wrong."

My cock thought otherwise, and began to grow. Brittney finished getting ready and we headed to Rogers.

We got to Rogers house. He came to the door shirtless with these compression shorts on. You could see the outline of his cock in them.

"Hi Guys." Roger said.

He gave me wife a kiss, a little longer than I like. He had ordered in some Mexican food and was making margaritas. He clearly had a few before we got there. He handed us each one of his concoctions.

We drank, we ate, we drank some more. My wife was smashed. Laughing and giggling at everything.

"Let's go upstairs and watch some movies." Roger announced.

The new TV was in Rogers bedroom. We all got in his bed. I was a very lightweight drinker. If I drank too much I would just get tired and fall asleep. I was having trouble keeping my eyes open. I was sitting back in the bed on the pillows. Roger and my wife were laying on their stomachs on the side of the bed. Laughing, chatting away. Watching the movie. Roger would touch Brittney's back and shoulders, and occasional her ass. I dozed off.

I woke up with Roger was saying something to my wife.

"How is your back doing after my massage?" Roger asked.

"Your massage was amazing." My wife replied. "It felt good for a week but it's starting to hurt me again. Maybe you can give me another one?"

"Only problem is the table broke." Roger replied. "I was putting it away the other day and one of the legs fell off. I have not had the chance to fix it."

Brittney looked disappointed.

"I can massage you here in the bed if you want." Roger said. "it's not the best way to do it, but I will try my best."

Brittney's eyes lit up.

"That sounds wonderful thank you Roger!" Brittney responded.

She reached over and give Roger a big hug.

My drunk wife is going to be massaged once again by Roger. This time in his bed. What is to keep them from actually fucking this time? At least the table allowed for a little distance to separate them.

"You get undressed." Roger ordered. "Take this towel on put it under you. I want to keep the oil off the covers. I will be back with the oils in a few minutes."

Roger hurried off. My wife began to undress. She stumbled a bit from all the alcohol but soon was nude. She laid down on the towel as Roger instructed.

"Aren't you at least going to cover your ass Brittney?" I scolded.

"Well if you can find a towel go ahead." My nude wife said.

I hurriedly searched around the room. I went into the bathroom. Roger was a bit of a slob. There were towels on the floor but nothing I wanted to put on Brittney's body. I came back in the room and looked again There were a couple of dressers but I was not about start snooping around. Just then Roger came back in the room with the oils.

"Can you at least cover her ass?" I said.

"I haven't had a chance to do the laundry." Roger replied. "Are you ok with being undraped, Brittney?"

"I am ok if you are ok." Brittney giggled.

She was really drunk. More than the first massage encounter. The whole thing kind of shocked me. But also turned me on. My johnson was slowing rising.

Roger began the massage. He was still wearing those tight shorts. He massaged her shoulders, back and legs. Then worked her ass. He was having trouble maneuvering on the bed and being able to massage her the right way.

"Brittney?" Roger asked. "It's hard for me to massage you from the side. I really need to straddle you. But I don't want to get the oil on my shorts. it's a special oil that is almost impossible to wash out."

"Whatever you need to do is ok." Brittney again giggled.

With that Roger pulled off his shorts. His cock was semi erect. He climbed on top of her and settled his cock down on her lower back. She pushed back against it. He massaged her shoulders, neck. I could see his hips very slowly moving back and forth. His cock was sliding up and down Brittney's lower back. It looked like they were fucking.

He got up off of her. His cock was rock hard, and it was huge. About 9 inches. I was only about half that size. He massaged that spot on Brittney's lower back that made her crazy. She was moaning loudly. He opened her legs and massaged her inner thighs. Her moans got louder. The room was full of mirrors, even the ceiling. I was able to see everything from lots of different angles. I pulled out my cock and began stroking it.

"I can do a special body to body massage if you want, Brittney." Roger asked. "It will help loosen up your back. It is very erotic, but I won't penetrate you."

"Do whatever you need to do Roger." Brittney responded.

I sat up higher on the bed. What was he going to do her? How close was he going to get to fucking her? Should I let this happen? She was drunk but seemed to understand what he was saying.. My hard cock gave the answer. Just sit, watch and stroke.

Roger lifted her up by her stomach and got her on all fours. He began to massage her ass and worked his way up her back. As he did his hard cock slipped between her legs. I could see from one of the mirror his cock was just below Brittney's cunt. He was rubbing in back and forth against her. His cock a massage with her pussy. Then he cupped her breasts and pulled her nipples. She began to rock with the rhythm of his movement. She was moaning loudly and then had the most amazing orgasm.

"Roger, do not stop." She said. "Keep going."

Roger kept going. His cock was still rock hard, rubbing just outside her opening. Suddenly Brittney lost her balance a bit and let out a scream.

Brittney's moved just enough to allow Rogers cock to enter her. I could see it from one of the mirrors. It was only his tip, less than an inch was actually inside her. He pulled out.

"Sorry Brittney." Roger said.

"Just be more careful." My wife replied.

That was too much, and I came all over myself. I guess I was loud because both Roger and Brittney turned around and looked at me.

"Well at least he is enjoying this." Roger stated.

"Enjoying it?" Brittney blurted out. "This is the only way he can get an erection."

I was mortified. I never wanted Roger to find this out. With this he can manipulate all of this to his advantage.

"Is this true?" Roger asked me.

I just sighed.

"Well this just got a lot more interesting." Roger proudly announced.

Roger got back behind Brittney and got back to work. I watched everything intently. His cock kept rubbing Brittney's; clit. She was enjoying it almost too much. He then slowed. He pulled back a little and aimed right at my wife's cunt.

"I am not going in, just a bit of the tip that's all." Roger said to my wife.

She did not say a word. The sexual tension filled the air. Roger cock tip touched my wife's opening, then pulled slightly away. He did it over and over. It was driving her mad. After some time she started pushing towards him when his cock tip got close to her. One time she pushed a little harder and his tip entered her. She let out a whimper. He held it in her for about a minute. She did not move. He pulled out. Then back in, less than an inch. He started a rhythmic movement, in and out. He would penetrate just about an inch. My wife came one more time. I just sat there and drank it all it. My pants at my ankles, my cock in my hand.

"I see you are still enjoying this buddy." Roger glanced over at me.

I did not say a word. Roger continued his pumping. My wife had two orgasms and was ready for more. My wife began pushing back more on Rogers thrusts. Now he was in two inches. He would pull back an inch and then go a little deeper.

Roger was fucking my wife, and I was totally fine with it. It was the only way I could keep her. Without these escapades I would never get an erection and she would leave me at some point. I would rather share her than lose her.

Roger sat back, turned my wife around and sat her right down on top of his cock. He was now fucking her deeply. Her moans kept getting louder.

Suddenly my wife had a moment of clarity.

"I am not on birth control." She warned. "You might get me pregnant."

"Well I don't have any rubbers here." Roger replied. "I can pull out, maybe go to the store?"

"No, don't stop." She said. "This is too good."

Roger fucked her harder and harder. They both were nearing an orgasm.

"I am just about to cum!" Roger shouted.

"Keep going I am going to cum too." My wife replied.

With that Roger shot his load deep inside my wife. They both collapsed on the bed together and fell asleep.

I stayed on the other side of the bed and pondered all that had happened. In the beginning she flirted with Roger for me, for us. For our sex life. But now it was different. She fucked Roger purely for her own enjoyment. What will happen now? Does she even need me? Will she even want me? It was late, I was so fully spent. I looked over and Roger and Brittney. They looked like fulfilled lovers holding each other. They nude bodies breathing as one. Roger and Brittney. It did have a nice ring to it.

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