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A Couple Explore With Friends

by adventurer

08/16/2016 12:01 in domination

My wife Shari and I decided to go on a vacation to Tahiti for our anniversary and thought it would be nice to invite friends to go along with us. So, I called my buddy Bill and asked if he and his wife Dawn would like to go with us. Bill said he would talk to Dawn and then call me back. Not even an hour went by and he called to tell me they were in and can't wait to go. I was excited to hear and even got a little twitch in my pants for some reason. I am probably more perverted than your average 40 something year old man and have put Bill and Dawn in my fantasies many times before. This trip will just fuel my fantasies, I'm sure.

I called my travel agent and booked our week long vacation for July 20th.

I am Chuck and my wife is Shari. We have been married almost 2 years and have about the most normal marriage possible. We do enjoy a few open minded activities like going to a nudist resort near our house and using the topless pools in Las Vegas whenever we go. However, Bill and Dawn seem to be extremely conservative in their personal lives. I have known both of them for almost 20 years, but our conversations have never veered off to anything of a more private nature.

July 20th arrived and we all caught our flight out of LAX. Almost 9 hours later, we landed in Tahiti, took a shuttle to our hotel and checked in. The hotel clerk offered us an upgrade to a 2 bedroom suite which would accommodate both couples. We all agreed to it and the bellman led us to our bungalow where we were instantly amazed at how beautiful the suite was. It looked just like a large tiki hut on stilts and was positioned over the ocean. The view of the perfectly blue ocean was amazing! There were no walls inside the suite except the bedrooms and bathrooms, and the entire suite had glass all the way around with sliding doors which could be opened to the outside air.

We all explored the bungalow together, going from room to room. There were identical master bedrooms, both with king beds and private bathrooms. Bill went into the bathroom of his room and noticed that there were sinks and toilets inside the bathrooms, but no showers or bathtubs. Our bathroom had the same configuration. We all thought that was strange. We all thought, do we bathe in the oceans? Is there a community shower somewhere on the hotel property?

We continued exploring when I noticed plumbing running across the ceiling. I followed it to a showerhead which was outside the back door of the bungalow, positioned on the rear deck facing the ocean. The rear deck has steps that lead down and into the water. The shower was set so that all you can see is the ocean, and it appeared none of the other bungalows were visible from it. It was an interesting play on privacy. I still assumed there was another shower that we had not yet found and this one was used for showering off before entering back into the bungalow. However, further exploration revealed the outside shower as the only way to bathe. None of us appeared to be alarmed by this discovery, which surprised me since Bill and Dawn seem like the shy type. Certainly, Sharon was open to the idea.

None of had eaten a good meal for hours, so we ventured into the main hotel lobby and found a nice restaurant where we had lunch. On our way back, we stopped at the hotel store and grabbed some beer. When we got back to the bungalow, it was already early evening. Shari and I were exhausted from the flight, so we excused ourselves to our room for the evening.

The next morning, we woke up early and made our way out to the living room where we found Bill and Dawn already up and both were wearing the complimentary hotel robes. I jokingly asked, "Are you both naked underneath?"

Bill chuckled and said, "We have bathing suits on. We are going swimming out back. Feel free to join us."

While Dawn and Bill made their way down to the water, Shari and I relaxed on the couch while we enjoyed our morning coffee. After a moment of silence, Shari said, "This is a beautiful suite, but it would be perfect if we could be naked."

Shari asked rhetorically, "I wonder if Dawn and Bill would be comfortable being naked in front of us?"

I said, "I highly doubt it."

As I sat there, I began thinking of a way to ask Bill if he and Dawn are nudists, or would be willing to give it a try. To be honest, both of them are good looking people, so I wouldn't mind seeing them naked.

After a couple cup of coffee, Shari and I put our bathing suits on. Shari was wearing a cute little red bikini which covered all of her parts, but left enough to the imagination. I grabbed a few beers and we made our way down the rear steps and joined our friends in the waist high water. I was surprised how warm the ocean was.

I handed beers out and the small talk began. After a while we were paired up, guys talking about guy stuff and girls talking about who knows what. It wasn't long before Bill and I needed another beer, so I started heading back toward the bungalow. Dawn stopped me and said she would get the beer because she has to use the bathroom anyway.

Sharon joined Bill and I as Dawn waded toward the bungalow stairs. As we continued talking, I glanced over toward Dawn as she walked up the steps and out of the water. Her yellow bikini bottoms fell down just enough to expose a little bit of her butt. I don't think I have ever seen her in a bikini before, but her ass was much nicer than I had ever imagined. As Dawn pulled her bottoms up, she looked back to see that we were all looking at her. She smiled and went into the suite.

I said, "Poor Dawn. How embarrassing."

Bill replied, "She wasn't that embarrassed, apparently."

I said, "Day one and Dawn is already getting naked."

Bill said, "I'm surprised it took her this long."

The three of us laughed, but now my curiosity was peaked. This was my chance to test the waters and see if they are nudists. I was thinking of a way to ask Bill when Shari suddenly chimed in. "We should all get naked!"

Bill instantly snapped his head to Shari with the look of curiosity on his face and cautiously asked, "Are you guys okay with being nude in front of us?"

Shari smirked and said, "We've been known to get naked."

Bill said, "Let me have a little talk with Dawn."

Right about this time, Dawn began walking down the stairs and called to Bill to come help her carry the beers. Bill grabbed the beers out of her hands and it was obvious a little conversation was taking place out of the reach of our ears.

A few moments later, Dawn and Bill moved back toward us. Dawn reached out to hand me a beer, smiled and said, "So I hear we have a couple nudists on our hands."

As soon as I took my beer, Dawn pulled her bikini top over her head and let it drop in the water. Her beautiful little breasts were fully exposed to our view. Having never given birth, Dawn's tits were perfectly shaped with cute little pink nipples. Shari saw this and instantly pulled her bikini top off and handed it to me, followed 2 seconds later by her bikini bottoms. I pulled my swim shorts off and told everyone that I was heading to the stairs to put our bathing suits on the steps. Before I could even blink, Bill and Dawn were handing me their bathing suits. We were all now completely naked!

I threw all the suits onto the steps and made my way back to the group. As I was heading back, I thought about how awesome it is that our longtime friends are naked with us, and in beautiful Tahiti of all places.

After rejoining the others, I noticed that everyone was being respectful nudists, but taking little peeks at one another. It was slightly awkward for the first few minutes, but the nervousness eventually went away. Being a nudist is about having the feeling of freedom and having no inhibitions when it comes to your body. However, I have to admit I was getting a little turned on as I watched Dawn and Bill take little looks at Shari's tits.

Shari is a beautifully stunning 45 year old woman, 4'11", 90 lbs, blue eyes and long blonde hair. She has a tiny little frame, a gorgeous little ass and amazing 36 DD fake titties. Her areolas are perfectly sized and her nipples are always hard. The only evidence that Shari has given birth is a small incision mark on her flat tummy, not far above her completely bald pussy. Shari's body rivals that of any 25 year old.

Dawn is also 45 years old, 5'3", about 105 lbs, blue eyes and medium length blonde hair. In my opinion, Dawn is not as pretty as Shari, but she has a great little body with a perfectly flat belly. Her boobs are probably about a small B cup, but they are perfectly shaped and her pink nipples are beautiful. She also has that cute little ass that I just got a peek at, but her vagina was under the waterline so I couldn't get a good look at it, yet. I have never really been attracted to Dawn, but I have to admit I was lusting over her a little bit at this point.

I am 42 years old, 6'3", 220 lbs. I have a shaved head and I'm in pretty good shape. I pride myself on having a hairless body, which includes my nice sized penis.

Bill is 45 years old, also tall and thin with a bald head, but he seems to always have a better body than I do. Bill is a devoted Vegan, so he doesn't have to fight his weight like I do. As any man would do, I took a few glances at Bill to see how my body and penis measured up. He had a small amount of hair on his chest, but the rest of his body was hairless, including his good sized cock.

The next couple of hours was spent talking and laying out. At one point, I found myself with Bill in the bungalow as we got more beer from the kitchen. The ladies were still downstairs in the water. It was at this point that I got a good look at Bill's circumcised cock, which looked to be about the same size as mine, but quite a bit thicker.

Bill said to me, "We had no idea you guys were nudists. We don't have any other friends that are this open minded, so this is a nice surprise."

I said, "Shari has always had a feeling that you and Dawn are either nudists or swingers."

Bill paused for a moment and asked, "What made her think that?"

I said, "I'm not sure. Maybe it's her woman's intuition."

Bill asked, "Have you and Shari ever played with other couples?"

I paused for a second and said, "Clarify what you mean by playing. Do you mean swinger stuff?"

Bill said, "Yeah."

I said, "We have had sex in the same bed with another couple, but have never changed partners."

I explained to Bill that we have other friends that are swingers and have been invited to join them, but that we have never gone.

Bill asked if we enjoyed our experiences of having sex with other people watching.

I said, "Fuck yeah! Shari and I really enjoyed it and were extremely turned on by it."

I asked Bill if he and Dawn play with other couples.

Bill chuckled and said, "We don't full swap, but we play with other couples. We pretty much do everything except fuck them."

I instantly smiled and told Bill that I would be up for it, but doubt Shari would agree to it. I went on to tell Bill that we have talked about playing with our swinger friends, but that Shari has been closed to the idea. I went on to tell him that I have always had a fantasy of watching Shari with another man.

Bill said, "Dawn has mentioned you and Shari before, but we didn't ask because we never imagined you would open to it. But, I'm sure she's happy with what she's seen today."

As soon as Bill said that, I could feel a rush of blood going to my cock.

I asked him, "Are you happy with what you've seen?"

Bill replied, "Very."

Fearing a raging hard on would come next, I quickly grabbed a couple beers and headed toward the door. Bill followed behind. As we exited the bungalow, the ladies stopped their conversation and turned their attention toward us as we started down the steps. I watched Shari's eyes follow us, but she wasn't looking at me. I could tell her eyes were fixed on Bill as he walked behind me, and she was making no attempt to hide the fact that she was checking out Bill's naked body. Shari smiled when she saw that I was watching her, which made me think she would be up for playing with Dawn and Bill. After seeing Dawn naked, I certainly was open to the idea at this point. My cock began to harden at the thought of it, so I entered the water to hide my growing excitement.

After some small talk, it was getting time for dinner. Bill mentioned he saw a Vegan friendly restaurant listed in the yellow pages, and asked if we would mind trying it out for dinner tonight. We agreed but Shari said she wanted to take a quick nap before heading out and began wading her way toward the stairs.

As Shari walked away, her gorgeous little ass was on full display. She walked up the steps and turned on the shower. Being the exhibitionist that she is and knowing we were all watching her, she began her shower show. She soaped up her hands and began washing her body, her hands moved all over her body, caressing her big titties and then down to her ass and bald pussy.. She didn't even look over once, but she knew she had our full attention. She quickly rinsed off and walked into the bungalow without looking back.

My hormones were now completely raging, so I excused myself. As I walked up the stairs, Bill said to be ready for dinner at 7 o'clock. My cock was at half-staff, but I didn't care to hide my excitement anymore. I turned on the shower and rinsed myself off, and then walked toward the door. As I entered the bungalow, I looked down to see both Dawn and Bill smiling at me. I paused for a moment, smiled back and then went straight to our bedroom.

My penis was now completely hard and it was very apparent that Shari was ready to fuck. I found her laying on our bed with her legs spread wide open, slowly masturbating as she watched me enter. She ordered me onto the bed and immediately mounted me. Her pussy was so wet, it slid effortlessly onto my cock. We fucked hard and fast as we were both extremely turned on. Within just a few seconds, Shari came on my cock several times. She continued to ride me as her pussy juices streamed down the shaft of my manhood and onto my pelvis. Just as I was feeling the urge to cum, the thought of watching Shari's obvious lusting over Bill flashed into my head. I pulled Shari down to my chest and instantly filled her pussy full of warm semen.

After a couple minutes and with my soft cock still inside her, Shari said, "Do you know Dawn and Bill are more than just nudists?"

Playing stupid I asked, "What do you mean?"

Shari explained, "When you and Bill were inside the bungalow getting beer, Dawn and I were discussing nudism and how nice it is. I think Dawn slipped up and told me that she and Bill sometimes ask other couples to sleep with them."

I said, "Yeah, Bill actually told me the same thing."

Shari asked, "What do you think of that?"

Cautiously, I told Shari that I am open to the idea with the right couple and that recently I have been fantasizing about seeing her with another man.

"You want to see me fuck another guy?"

I told Shari that I would be open to watching her play with another guy, but it had to be the right guy and the right situation.

She asked, "What do you think of Dawn and Bill?"

I asked her directly, "The more important question is, what do you think of Bill?"

To my absolute surprise Shari said, "If we explore with anyone, I want it to be people we know and who we trust with something so private."

At this point, my mind began to race. I was thinking of how exciting it would be to let Bill play around with Shari, and then I began to think of how turned on I got just by looking at Dawn naked.

Shari then snapped me out of my thoughts and said, "I think Bill and Dawn would be someone we can trust."

My cock began to grow again inside Shari as I thought of my fantasy being fulfilled. Thoughts of Shari giving Bill head and me eating Dawn's little pussy caused my penis to become fully erect. Shari began to move her pelvis as she felt my cock harden. I began to slowly move my hips in small movements, manipulating my hard shaft deep inside her cunt. We started moving our hips in unison as we were both obviously thinking of the possibilities with our housemates. After only a few seconds, Shari's body shuddered and she gave out a loud groan. I knew these familiar events, and to my delight she was cumming at the thought of being with Bill. After her orgasm subsided, she quietly laid her head on my chest and relaxed.

Not long after that, it was time to get ready for dinner. Right at 7 o'clock, we were ready and met Bill and Dawn in the living room. We were all dressed casually, the men in t-shirts and shorts and the ladies in sundresses. As we were walking out the door, Shari asked Dawn if she was wearing panties to dinner. She was, and both ladies agreed that this would be a panty free week. They both removed their panties and left them on the floor right where they were standing. Bill and I smiled at each other and we all headed out for dinner.

We caught a cab to Bora Bora where we ate an excellent meal at the Vegan restaurant. I was surprised at how tasty and filling a Vegan meal could be.

During dinner, the conversation naturally moved to nudism. I explained that I had always wanted to go to the nudist resort near our house, and when I started dating Shari she was much more open to it than I expected. So, we went a few times and enjoyed the feeling of freedom, but the people who went to the resort were not much to look at. I then asked Dawn and Bill how they became nudists.

Dawn said, "I guess you can call us nudists because we like to be nude, but we are just very sexual people. A couple years ago we were in a hot tub with some friends when they started kissing. We didn't know what else to do, so we started kissing too. The next thing you know, everyone was naked and having a great time."

My cock jumped at the thought of having sex in the presence of Dawn and Bill, but most of all I was now completely attracted to Dawn. I then asked if they felt awkward with the other couple from then on.

Bill said, "We didn't play with that couple the first time, so it wasn't awkward. But after having sex with them watching, it actually enhanced our sex life with each other. We ended up playing with them later, but it wasn't awkward. I don't know how to explain it, but it brought a new element into our relationship and made sex fun again."

Bill looked at Shari and asked, "Would you feel comfortable if someone was watching you make love to Chuck?"

Sharon said, "I guess it depends on the situation. I felt really comfortable being naked with you and Dawn today, so I would be fine in this situation. But I don't think I'd be comfortable around strangers, or people I'm not attracted to."

Both Dawn and Bill smiled.

I asked if they have any rules when they play.

Bill explained that they allow kissing and touching, but that is about as far as they generally go.

Dawn butted in, "Sometimes we allow oral sex, but it just depends on the couple."

I was again fully aroused by all the sex talk and couldn't wait for dinner to be over. After dinner, we all decided to walk to the nearby bar scene and dance a little bit. We found a little bar with a live band and a lot of dancing people packed inside. We made our way to a table and ordered a round of drinks.

I asked Dawn if she would like to dance. She popped up out of her seat, grabbed my hand and led me toward the dance floor. I looked back at Shari as we walked away and she gave me a look of approval. Dawn and I danced on the crowded dance floor, smiled and maintained eye contact with each other. I glanced down at Dawn's body occasionally, which turned me on as I looked at her little tits and slender body. It didn't help that I knew what she looks like naked or the fact that she wasn't wearing any panties. As time went on, we began to dance closer to each other, rubbing our bodies together but nothing outwardly erotic.
"I can feel you through your shorts," she said.

I was completely shocked when Dawn said this to me because after all these years, I was so surprised that she and Bill are so sexual. But, my cock was semi hard so I knew exactly what she was talking about. I just smiled and continued dancing.

After a few more songs, we went back to our table where Shari and Bill were sitting. Bill was sitting right next to Shari and was talking very closely to her ear, as the music was so loud. I smiled because I know that one of Shari's erotic spots is her ears and Bill had no idea he was hitting it. I saw the look Shari was giving, which meant she was horny as hell! I just smiled.

As Dawn and I sat down, Bill grabbed Shari's hand and led her toward the dance floor. I told Dawn how sexy she looks in her dress and how much I enjoyed our dance. As Dawn began to answer, I looked at the dance floor and saw Bill and Shari dancing slowly, their bodies close and Bill kissing Shari's neck as she positioned her head to the side to allow his advances.

As I continued to watch the dance floor, Dawn said, "Too bad we aren't dancing naked."

I snapped out of my trance, paused for a moment and asked, "Should we take the other two back and dance in our bungalow?"

Dawn looked toward the other two as they were now lightly kissing. Dawn stood up, giggled and said, "It looks like they would rather leave too."

I watched as Dawn walked over and interrupted Bill and Shari. All three then walked back toward me, Shari grabbing my hand and leading me with the others as we all walked toward the door. Without any talk, I hailed a cab. Bill sat up front and I got into the back seat with Dawn and Shari.

As the cab drove away, I turned to my left and Shari instantly locked her lips to mine. Her wet, aggressive tongue kisses made it obviously apparent that she was horny beyond belief and has accepted the chance to play with Bill. Our kissing continued with no end in sight as I felt a hand suddenly rest on my right thigh. I momentarily broke off the kiss with Shari and looked down to see that it was Dawn's hand. Both she and Bill were watching Shari and I intently at his point.

I reinitiated kissing Shari as Dawn's hand moved to my cock. She softly rubbed my moderately erect penis through the outside of my shorts, tracing the length of my shaft with her palm, moving up and down its entire length. She only rubbed my cock for a moment, but I knew this was going to be a good night.

We arrived back at the hotel, paid the cab and all briskly walked into the hotel lobby. The hotel bar was packed and a live band was playing, but none of us slowed for even a moment as we blew past the main building and headed toward our bungalow. As the front door came into view, I grabbed the bottom of Shari's dress and swiftly pulled it over her head and off her body. Bill ripped his shirt off and grabbed the key to let us in the door.

As soon as the lock clicked, Bill slammed the door open, dropped his shorts and turned to Dawn as she jumped into his arms. As we all entered the room, I pulled my shirt off and dropped my shorts to the floor. My cock raging hard, pointing straight out from my body. Bill quickly carried Dawn to the living room, threw her down onto the couch and pulled her dress off. Shari and I ran to the couch right next to them. Shari threw herself backward into the cushions, catching her body with her legs spread wide open right next to Dawn.

As I moved toward Shari, I finally got a glimpse of Dawn's pussy which was already being violently slammed by Bill's hard cock. This was my first sight of Dawn's pussy and I almost came right there at the sight of it. Her pussy was a beautiful pink, shaved bare and lathered in her wetness. I dove headfirst into Shari's waiting pussy which was covered it her own smeared juices, tasting the amazing flavor she always gives off. She quickly grabbed the back of my head with both hands and pulled my mouth into her cunt harder than she ever has.

As I ate Shari's cunt, the sounds from Dawn and Bill got louder. Bill was grunting and Dawn was screaming out for Bill to continue as the slapping noise of Bill's pelvis ramming into Dawn's cunt was deafening.

"Fuck me harder!"

Bill was giving her all he had. Her cries became intense, and then silent. it was obvious that she was cumming over and over again.

Dawn was screaming, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Fuck!"

I couldn't hold off any longer and had to fuck now! I raised up and drove my hard cock into Shari's gaping cunt, Shari's hips bucking as I entered her. I began to thrust in and out of her pussy at a medium pace, just as she likes it. Over and over again, thrusting my shaft all the way into her and then back out.

Not long after we started, Shari's body began to shudder as she was about to cum. I pushed my cock deep and held it quietly inside her as her face turned red. She reached behind me and grabbed my ass cheeks to hold me right where she needed me.

"Yes!" She announced to the others that her orgasm had arrived!

As she screeched out loud, I kept my body still, allowing her to cum over and over again.

Just as her orgasm subsided, I started my thrusts again. I looked over at Dawn and Bill to see that Dawn now had her knees on the couch and Bill had entered her pussy from behind. His hands clamped on her waist as he fucked her beautifully. The sight of my longtime friends fucking in front of me was something I thought I'd never see and I was turned on more than I ever had been in my life.

As I pushed in and out of Shari, I reached over and grabbed onto Bill's left hand. Bill snapped his attention to our hands, wondering what I was doing. I looked him in the eye, smiled and guided his hand and placed it onto Shari's left breast. Bill's fucking of Dawn slowed as his attention was now divided between our wives. Dawn felt the shift and looked up to watch as Bill softly kneaded and squeezed Shari's entire breast. Shari locked eyes with Bill and smiled. I turned my attention back to fucking Shari's pussy properly as Bill moved his fingers to her erect nipple and pinched it between his thumb and forefinger. Shari's eyes closed softly, enjoying Bill's touch.

Bill began to roll Shari's nipple between his fingers, which was more than I could handle. My orgasm began to mount as could feel the cum rising up my shaft. I attempted to slow my thrusts to keep from cumming, but the visions of Shari's enjoyment were more than I could handle.

"I'm going to cum!"

I stopped my thrusts deep inside Shari, looked to the ceiling and emptied my balls deep inside her amazing cunt. What seemed like a never ending orgasm, I pushing volley after volley of semen into her body. Shari began to shudder again as she too was cumming with me. After a brief moment, our bodies settled down as we both finished our orgasms. Bill removed his hand from Shari's beautiful tit. It was obvious that Shari was just as turned on by having Bill touch her as I was.

I pulled my dripping cock out of Shari and sat down on the couch between the two ladies. Shari and I watched as Bill engaged Dawn's pussy at full force once again. His pounding became more violent with each movement, but only for a short time.

Bill quickly pulled out of Dawn's pussy and yelled, "Oh fuck!"

Dawn knew what that meant and turned around on the couch to face Bill's huge cock. His entire shaft was dripping with cunt juice. Dawn grabbed ahold of it and began stroking vigorously as she stared at the tip of his cock head, waiting patiently for the impending explosion.

Without even thinking, I looked at Shari and said, "Help her!"

Shari didn't even blink and quickly pulled herself off the couch. She kneeled down next to Bill and replaced her hand with Dawn's, wrapping her tiny little hand around his shaft. She slid her hand back and forth on Bill's thick meat as her wedding ring was in full view. All three of us were now focused on Bill's cock head with baited breath, waiting for the finale.

Bill reached down and put his hand on Shari's shoulder, bracing himself for his inevitable orgasm. As Shari continued stroking, Bill gave out a loud grunt and pushed his pelvis toward Dawn, sliding his shaft forward through Shari's hand and then pausing. Bill's cock then delivered a huge stream of cum, spraying fluids out at an incredible rate. The velocity of the first shot was so intense that it shot across the couch and landed on Dawn. His penis continued to pulse, shooting over and over again as Shari held on tight.

Bill's orgasm lasted for an eternity, but eventually subsided. As Shari pulled her wet hand off Bill's cock, Dawn leaned toward Shari and kissed her on the mouth. Shari looked back at me, and then smiled as she saw the look of approval on my face.

Dawn went to the bathroom and brought back towels. We spent the next few minutes cleaning each other up. Dawn and I, and Shari and Bill. It felt amazing to break the seal on this harmless part of our relationship, and it felt even better sharing it with such great friends.

Needless to say, the weekend got even better.

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