Cuckold stories

Controlling Indian Wife

by adventurer

08/07/2016 14:29 in oral

We got married almost 5 years back. I am 32, IT professional who enjoy computer programming and working on Computers. My wife, Hina works in recruitment and is more of a people person as compared to me. To start with ours was a traditional marriage, after which we settled in London. She was just a h

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A Couple's Cuckold Fantasy Pt. 02

by Amanda

08/06/2016 11:58 in oral

After their first encounter Danielle teased John mercilessly about how horny she was and how if she still had the key to his chastity device she wouldn't be able to resist sucking him until he came in her mouth or fucking him until he ran out of come. She decided to wear her sexiest thongs under her

brown t shirt couple's cuckold fantasy

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Valentine's Day Adventure

by Amanda

08/05/2016 17:56 in oral

We had some close friends in town for Valentine's Day so the four of us decided to have a long overdue night out for just us adults. We went to a very nice Italian restaurant downtown and were all feeling good after a few glasses of wine during dinner. When we left dinner we decided to continue the

polo tee shirt valentine's day adventure

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It Finally Happened!

by aaron

08/04/2016 18:11 in oral

The car came around at about 9 o'clock for her. My stomach was a bundle of nerves waiting up for this, but no matter how many angles we discussed, this was possibly the best option we had to save our marriage. I looked over at Lauren and smiled at her fresh, present, and sexy as the day I met her —s

metal t shirts finally happened!

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A Couple Brought Together Act 02

by adventurer

08/04/2016 11:58 in oral

ACT II: CATALYST DAY TWO In the basement under my home, there are two underground rooms; originally wine cellars with concrete floors, brick alcoves and slate shelving for bottles. The atmosphere is dark, dank and ideal for storing wine. And for storing people. A year ago, I converted an end of the

couples therapist couple brought together act

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My Life as a Wittol Ch. 04

by Amanda

08/03/2016 11:21 in oral

Stephanie convinces CJ to do a threesome As Stephanie started to come down from the party high she felt embarrassed and worried that many of she and Rick had many friends at the party and they were undoubtedly aware of her carnal activities earlier with Roger. A few of her female friends at the part

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My Secret Tactic

by Gilglim

07/31/2016 03:14 in oral

This story is true. I changed names and certain details to protect privacy. I'm a real Hotwife and only have submitted true stories so far. I am an interior designer and my husband builds furniture. Together we run a business doing everything from custom upholstery on home interiors to automobiles.

cotton t shirts secret tactic

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Foot Cuckold for Isha Ch. 02

by Amanda

07/30/2016 00:06 in oral

Hey guys, Rahul is back with yet another cuckolding experience with Isha (goddess) and my master (Atul). This is Part-2 of the series. So I am back with the tale of another day of my life. I was cleaning the house as instructed by my goddess, who was out with her boyfriend, Atul, for shopping, with

marriage counseling tips foot cuckold for isha

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Landlord Loves My Fiancée Pt. 01

by Gary

07/29/2016 14:49 in oral

My fiancee and I were excited to be taking the next stage of our lives together. And that meant finding out a house. We had been searching for a long time but unfortunately nothing was available. And then one day, a dream posting popped up. A guest house in a wonderful neighborhood. How could we res

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2035 - The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 07

by Gary

07/28/2016 20:28 in oral

The day finally arrived that my wife and that bully were due to arrive. There I stood in the hall awaiting their arrival. To save my wife from being anally destroyed by that bully I stood in my new uniform like he demanded in exchange to protect her virginity in that department. I looked so silly. A

mens clothes sale 2035 year male chastity

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