Cuckold stories

'As if' Gerald

by Amanda

08/24/2016 00:20 in interracial

Author's note: This story does not contain a lot of sex. That said, it introduces some characters who want a lot of sex -- and might get some in future posts. Thanks to Ladego for his text editing and encourgement. Hoping for some feedback and reader interaction to get an idea about what you all wou

couples counseling austin 'as if' gerald

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A Compromise Ch. 05

by aaron

08/23/2016 06:40 in interracial

I stared at the person in the mirror. I didn't look any different. Something should be different, I thought. This was a sea change in my life. In a single evening I had gone from faithful, one man wife to,… what? What was I expecting? The sky to fall? I don't really know. I just thought that a chang

gold plated jewellery compromise

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Doctor's Cure Ch. 04

by Gilglim

08/22/2016 21:35 in interracial

Dr. Fred James continued working at his desk while Mrs. Daisy Blanding slept. She had endured an expertly administered super-orgasming that hovered somewhere between forced and voluntary, and was taking a well earned rest in the doctor's office. Daisy awoke in no more than fifteen minutes, but the a

bracelet necklace doctor's cure

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World Class 03

by adventurer

08/22/2016 04:12 in interracial

Guilt! It was tearing a hole in my heart as I looked in the mirror at my fiery red ass. I stood naked in my bathroom studying it carefully trying to come up with an explanation for Steve. I knew when he would come home that evening he'd be expecting a blowjob. And why not? I'd been handing them out

cheap necklaces world class

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Sharing My Wife

by adventurer

08/20/2016 15:37 in interracial

My wife and I are both in our late fifties, and have been married for 9 years, both of us have been married previously. Our children are now grown up and we have 2 grandchildren now. We have a mutual friend called Jeremy, who is quite lonely. He has been looking after his aging mother now for the la

cheating wife hookup sharing wife

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Susan Helps Me Get Promotion Ch. 04

by Amanda

08/20/2016 12:19 in interracial

Nigel continues the story It's very kind of Susan to give me such a full description of her experience at the hands of my boss. Especially in bed with a nylon stocking wrapped around my cock as she strokes it. When I began this new life of cuckoldry I never imagined it would involve my lovely wife S

t shirt de marque susan helps get promotion

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Wolf Bride

by adventurer

08/19/2016 18:56 in interracial

The autumn air was cool and the scent of burning leaves was strong. The full moon had dominated the sky the night before, and this morning she could feel distant eyes on her. Her lover was coming. Delilah sighed, and took another sip of her coffee. She wouldn't have long before Shawn and the childre

wholesale jewelery wolf bride

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A Cuckold Prescription

by Gary

08/18/2016 04:15 in interracial

My name is Sidney and my wife Brittney and I are both 28 years old. We are happily married. We wed 6 years ago. I met Brittney in college in our junior year. Back then Brittney wore nerdy glasses and was about 40 pounds overweight. I was also chubby and had an early receding hairline. We were a good

shirt making cuckold prescription

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A Big Mistake Ch. 05

by Amanda

08/16/2016 21:43 in interracial

Note from author: Like all the previous chapters, this story contains Female domination, humiliation and bad behavior. If you don't like that, please go read something else. Thanks to all who have sent me feedback. It is great to hear from the readers. Goamz86 * Missy got off the phone and called La

high end jewelry big mistake

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A Halloween Surprise

by aaron

08/14/2016 16:09 in interracial

"Hey Zai, have you seen my trenchcoat? I need it for my costume on Friday!" Said Will. "No, Love. But why? I thought you were going to be Harry Potter, and I was going to be Hermione?" Zaya replied. "Oh... nah. This is Tim's party, and he wants to be the brothers from Boondock Saints." "But, where d

t shirts for men halloween surprise

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